UK Podcast Chart?

Now here’s a question… why isn’t there a decent UK Podcast Chart, or an accepted list of the Top Ten UK podcasts?

As our regulars will know, we run a UK Tech podcast, and we’ve been increasingly curious about podcast listening habits.

Sure, there’s a published iTunes top ten podcast list, and a couple of the podcast directories offer listeners the chance to vote for their favourite podcasts, but if podcasting’s going to enter the mainstream, something like a podcast chart, best podcast list, or a decent UK-only ‘Best Podcast’ Guide. Anyone know of a decent resource?

As a podcast listener – how do you decide which podcasts to listen to? How do you find out about podcastsWhat directories or search tools do you use?

We’d welcome your comments…


  • Annoyed

    I can’t even find the fricking iTunes podcast chart on their website! What the feck is wrong with these people?

  • Ollie

    I guess there’s no way of knowing how many individual mp3 files have been downloaded through web browsers, which is how many people access podcasts. Only the big aggregators are really in a position to know how many files have been downloaded, but I suppose it wouldn’t be beyond the realms of possibility for iTunes, Google (through Google Reader and Feedburner) et al to collaborate to come up with a chart.

    It would definitely be a useful resource. For example: I usually download and listen to about two podcasts per today, but often they are short and I would like to hear more. If there was a podcast chart, I could have a browse through that to see what is popular overall, or within different categories such as sport, comedy, music etc.

    Where do people find new podcasts these days?

  • daz green

    I cant even find any of the podcast charts, never mind the more important itunes comedy podcast chart either. whjere on earth do they hide it ?

  • We thought the same thing so put together a website to display podcast charts, its at You can use the country selector at the top right to select UK and view the UK itunes podcast chart.

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