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Tech Topics covered by FrequencyCast

Here's a handy index to the topics, products and items featured on FrequencyCast, the UK's online TV and Technology radio show.

Topic What it is
3D technology

We compare the various 3D technologies.

More: 3D Focus Transcript

Featured: 'cast 56

4G Mobile Broadband

Faster mobile broadband is on the way, but at a cost!

More: 4G and Freeview Interference ; 4G vs Freeview

Featured: 'cast 65

Discussed: 'cast '85

Amateur Radio

We interviewed the Chairman of an amateur radio society.

More: Radio Ham Interview; 2o12L station ; Kelly attends Foundation Training

Featured: 'cast 53

Training: 'cast 85

Amazon Kindle

We look at the UK Kindle eBook Reader

More: Amazon Kindle review ; Kindle Unofficial Guide

Review: 'cast 55

Guide: Kindle Guide

Android TV Dongle

We look at the Android TV Cloud Stick - an HDMI dongle that makes your TV smart See also DGM Android TV Stick

Featured: 'cast 86

Apple iPad

Our look at tablet computing including the Apple iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

More: Tablet Computers Explored

Review: 'cast 60

Apple TV The second-gen Apple TV device reviewed

More: Apple TV ; Apple TV Transcript

Review: 'cast 57

Archiving Media

Ways to archive your collection of audio and video cassettes, vinyl, CDs and photos.

More: Archiving your media

Explored: 'cast 21

Asda 3D Printing

In-store 3D people printing - our first look

Reviewed: 'cast 93

Asus Eee PC

More on the Asus laptop - under £200, and tiny!

More: Asus Eee 701 Reviewed

Focus: 'cast 26

Audio Guide


Ways to keep your valuable data backed up safely

More: Backing Up Transcript ; Backup Advice

In-depth: 'cast 47

BBC iPlayer

On-demand TV service from the BBC

More: BBC iPlayer

In-depth: 'cast 26

Behringer Podcastudio

The Behringer Podcastudio kit reviewed

More: DIY Podcasting; Podcastudio Kit Review

Featured: 'cast 17

Overview: 'cast 17

Big Trak Junior

Return of the classic 80's retro toy.

More: Big Trak Transcript

Review: 'cast 58

Blackberry Playbook

Tablet device from RIM. Blackberry Playbook Info

News: 'cast 72

Featured: cast 73

Boogie Board

A family-friendly electronic sketch pad - Boogie Board Review

Boogie Board Special


Turn any surface into a speaker with a Boombox Speaker

Focus: 'cast 74

British Gas Remote Heating

Control your boiler online: British Gas Remote Heating Control ; RHC Month 2

Featured: 'cast 78

British Gas Smart Homes

British Gas is looking to change your home energy consumption habits. Catch our interviews with British Gas Smart Homes

More: Remote Heating Control

Focus: 'cast 74

Focus: 'cast 76


High-speed Internet access, over a phone line.

More: Broadband Page ; Choosing a provider ; Broadband Transcript

In-depth: 'cast 17

Faster speed: 'cast 41

Providers: 'cast 58

BT Broadband Talk

Voice-over-Internet service

More: VoIP page

Reviewed : 'cast 08

BT Cloud

Storing your files online with BT Cloud

Reviewed : 'cast 90

BT Fon

BT are keen on you sharing your Home Hub bandwidth to others

More: BT Fon Info , BT Home Hub Page

In-depth: 'cast 28

BT Home Hub

Wireless Broadband Router from BT, supplied with BT Total Broadband

More: BT Home Hub Page , Home Hub 3 Review, Home Hub 2.0 review, BT Home Hub Help , BT Home Hub Forum

In-depth: 'cast 09

Hub 3: 'cast 61

Audio Guide

BT SmartTalk

BT's money-saving smartphone app. More: BT SmartTalk

Focus: 'cast 84

BT Sport

A look at the game changing sports service, BT Sport

Focus: 'cast 88


Free wireless smartphone to rival RIM's Blackberry... free from BT

More: BT ToGo

In-depth: 'cast 28

BT Vision

Home TV service that receives Freeview and downloads movies, sport and TV shows over broadband

More: BT Vision page | BT Vision Review Transcript


Reviewed: 'cast 53

BT Voyager

Play your MP3 files and listen to Internet radio around the house

More: Cast 04 Shownotes

Reviewed: 'cast 04

Buying a TV

What to look for when buying a TV - we explore the options

More: Buying a TV page

In-depth: 'cast 25

Bicygnals Helmet

Our look at the Angel Bike Helmet from Bicygnals

Focus: 'cast 74

Cable TV

Digital TV provided over a cable network to houses in a cable coverage area.

More: Cable TV page

Virgin: 'cast 26

Hi-def: 'cast 23


A look at this most classic of technologies.

More: Classic Calculators Transcript

Featured: 'cast 56

Catch-up TV

Our look at how to get BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 shows from the last 7 days

More: Cast 42 Show Notes ; Catch Up TV Transcript

Reviewed: 'cast 42

Chumby Desktop companion to keep you up to date with the world

More: Chumby UK review ; Cast 46 Chumby Transcript

Reviewed: 'cast 46

Community Radio Our interviews with Scott Ross from Phoenix FM

Featured: 'cast 79

Featured: 'cast 80

Cyber Clean

Keep your keyboard clean with a pot of yellow putty

Review: 'Cyber Clean

Dabs Live Show

Our coverage of the Gadget show London 2010

Coverage: 'Dabs Live

Dave Gorman

Dave Gorman - Modern Life is Good... ish Reviewed

Review: 'Cast 92

Creative X-Fi2

A hands-on look at the Zen X-Fi, recorded at the show March 2010

Reviewed: 'Dabs Live

Digital Economy Act

Discussion of the law that came into power in April 2010 affecting TV, radio and Internet access in the UK

More: Digital Future Transcript

Discussed: 'cast 51

Digital Photos

Keep healthy with this web-driven fitness tracker

More: Get more from your photos Transcript

Reviewed: 'cast 52

Digital TV

Digital offers more TV choice, less interference, and improved features. In the UK, digital TV means Sky Digital, Freeview, Cable and TV-over-Internet.

More: Digital TV Options , Digital Basics, Freeview , Sky, Analogue Switchoff

Featured: 'cast 07

Summary: 'cast 29

Digital Radio Switchover

With the UK TV switchover complete, it's time for the radio switchover. Local Radio Switchover

Focus: Cast 79

Digital TV Switchover

UK TV is 'going digital' by 2012, and UK homes need to switch to digital by then

More: Go Digital page ; Audio Guide to the Switchover

Explained: 'cast 07

Detail: Audio Guide

Disposable Digital Cameras

Our look at the VistaQuest single use digital camera

More: Disposable Digital Cameras ; Review transcript

Hands-on: 'Cast 62

Dragon's Den

A peek behind the scenes of the Dragon's Den set

Focus: 'cast 84

DVD Recorders

Help and advice on buying and using a DVD recorder.

More: DVD recorders page

Featured: 'cast 21


A look at electronic books, and the Sony Reader

More: eBook Readers Explored ; Amazon Kindle ; White text

Explained: 'cast 31

Detail: Audio Guide


We look at Echobox, home networking that uses TV aerial cabling for faster-than-wifi connectivity

Focus: 'cast 77

Electric Cars

We took a test drive in a Nissan Leaf. Catch our interview with British Gas Smart Homes

Focus: 'cast 76


Electricity-saving gadget reviewed: energyEGG

Featured: 'cast 75

Energy Meters

Devices to monitor your home electricity usage, and reduce your bills and emissions

More: Energy Meters Explained ; How Many Watts page

Featured: 'cast 19


Protect your valuables with a coded micro-dot

More: EnigmaTAG review | EnigmaTAG interview

Featured: Gadget Show Special

Envi Power Meter

Powerful power consumption meter from Current Cost

More: Current Cost Envi Review

Reviewed: 'cast 45

Equinux TubeStick

We get hands-on with the small, sleek USB Freeview receiver for the Mac

More: Cast 42 Show Notes

Reviewed: 'cast 42

EZ View

HD from your laptop to a TV set. EZ View Review

Reviewed: 'cast 61

Eye-Fi wi-fi Card

Tag and transfer photos with this wireless SD Card

More: Eye-fi feature

Reviewed: 'cast 52

Facebook Graph Search

Social searching from Facebook. More: Facebook Graph Search

Focus: 'cast 84

Fitbit Ultra

Hi-tech fitness gadget that's more than a pedometer.

More: Fitbit Review and Fitness products transcript

Reviewed: 'cast 72

Fitbug Fitness

Keep healthy with this web-driven fitness tracker

More: Fitbug Review and Fitbug hands-on transcripts

Reviewed: 'cast 52

Reviewed: 'cast 53

Flip Mino HD Camcorder

A hands-on look at the Flip MinoHD, recorded at the show March 2010

Reviewed: 'Dabs Live

FM Radio Switchoff

FM to vanish by 2015?

More: Radio Switch | FM Radio Switchover Transcript

Featured: 'cast 54


Details of USB modems that get your laptop on the net at high speeds.

More: Freesat | Free satellite TV

Featured: 'cast 27


Free-to-view Digital TV service, with around 40 TV and 25 radio stations

More: Freeview page ; Reception help; More Freeview channels

Reception help: 'cast 14

Get more: Cast 39

Gadget Show Live

We've been to Gadget Show Live in Birmingham...

More: Gadget Show Live 2010 | Gadget Show Live 2011 | Gadget Show Live 2012 | GSL London 2012 Preview | GSL Xmas 2012 London | Gadget Show Live 2013

Coverage: 'Gadget Show Live

Garmin 405 GPS Watch

Sports watch with GPS and Heart-rate monitor.

More: Transcript of Garmin 405 Review

Review: 'cast 43

Gear4 Unity Remote

Control your TV kit from your iPhone or iPad. More: Our Top Gadgets

Featured: 'cast 70


Use GPS and smartphones to track down a Geocache near you.

More: What is Geocaching | Transcript of Geocache Feature

Review: 'cast 67

Google TV Dongle

We look at the Android TV Cloud Stick - an HDMI dongle that makes your TV smart. Also, see DGM Android TV Stick

Featured: 'cast 86

Google G1

The first mobile phone powered by the Google Android OS

More: Cast 38 Show Notes; Google Android Transcript

Reviewed: 'cast 38


Global Positioning System - Use satellites to tell you where you are, and where you're going.

More: Transcript of GPS Watch review ; Transcript of GPS Trackers item

Overview: 'cast 04

Gadgets: 'cast 43

Griffin Navigate

FM radio for Apple's iPhone and iTouch

More: Cast 39 Show Notes

Reviewed: 'cast 39


Scary furry toy

More: Cast 05 Show Notes

Reviewed: 'cast 05


High Definition TV - This offers higher-quality, crisper TV pictures with loads more pixels than standard TV.

Providers: Sky & Virgin Media

Hardware: Currys and Misco

Overview: 'cast 01

Sky's plans: 'cast 02

Focus: 'cast 23


In show 18, we reviewed the Pico Z remote controlled helicopter.

More: Notes for Show 18 | Micron Helicopter | Spy Copter

Reviewed: 'cast 18


Hitchhikers Guide Live

We review the stage version of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Radio Show Live

Review: 'cast 92


Networking accessory that lets you feed Broadband around your home using your electrical wiring.

More: Powerline Adapters Pros and Cons

Overview: 'cast 02

Security:'cast 08

Home Security

We looked at a system called HomeSight in Show 12, and a system called myhome247 in Show 39

More: MyHome247 Starter Kit Reviewed; Wireless Home Security

Reviewed : 'cast 12

Reviewed : 'cast 39

Focus: 'cast 80

Home Technology Event

Our look at the home automation show in London

More: Home Technology Event Coverage

Featured: 'cast 66

Home of 2027

Fifteen years into the future: The House of 2027

Focus : Cast 73

Humax HD Freeview

The first Freeview HD box, the Humax HD Fox T2

More: Humax HD Fox T2 First Look

Reviewed : Feb 2010 Update

iAudio D2 Player

Tiny touchscreen media player with DAB

More: iAudio D2 show notes

Featured: 'cast 19

Featured: 'cast 31


Tiny GPS tracking device

More: i-GotU Review ; Transcript of i-GotU item

Reviewed: 'cast 29

Mentioned: 'cast 43

Ideal Home Show

Our review of the Ideal Home Show 2012.

More: Ideal Home Show Review ; IHS 2012 Transcript

Focus: 'cast 74

Internet Filters

Discussion of the online Filter Bubble effect

Focus: 'cast 64

Internet Cameras

Wireless webcams to allow you to keep an eye on your home while you're out

More: Internet Camera Page

Focus: 'cast 35

Internet Insights

A look at the next 12 months of the Internet, at a special Industry Insight Session

More: Internet Insight Session | Plusnet Interviews

Focus : 'cast 70

Internet Radio

Listen and record radio stations from around the world

More: Internet Radio notes

Overview : 'cast 15

Focus: 'cast 24

iOS 7

The launch of iOS 7 for the iPhone and iPad

Focus: 'cast 92


We get hands-on with the with Apple's iPhone, released in the UK in November 2007

More: iPhone page | iPhone 4S Siri Review | iPhone 4 Launch | iPhone 5S | iPhone AntennaGate

iPhone Audio Guide

iPhone 4S: 'Cast 69

iPieces Games

IPad games from Jumbo: iPieces iPad Games

Featured: 'cast 75


Information on the changes that IPv6 will make.

More: IPv6 Explained ; IPv6 Focus Transcript ; IPv6 Interview with Plusnet

Focus: 'Cast 62

Interview: 'Cast 64


TV-over-Internet - will let you access a range of TV content using your Broadband connection

More: BT Vision , TalkTalk TV , Virgin Media, and Jumptv

Overview: 'cast 01

Kindle We look at the Kindle - Amazon's powerful eBook Reader

More: eBook Readers Explored ; Amazon Kindle review

Review: 'cast 55

Guide: Kindle Guide

Knight Rider

We featured a mobile phone animated Knight Rider series, plus a remote-controlled KITT in our December 2007 show

Featured: 'cast 21

Leap Motion Controller

A look at the Leap Motion Controller hands-free gadget

Reviewed : 'cast 91

Livescribe Pulse Pen

The world's smartest pen? Record audio & convert to text

More: Pulse Pen Feature ; Pulse Pen Review

Reviewed : 'cast 40

Featured: 'cast 70

Lobster 700TV

Windows Smartphone that gets digital TV and radio (DAB)

More: Mobile Phone page

Reviewed : 'cast 07

Local TV

Discussion of the new local TV services in the UK

More: Local TV Transcript

Discussed: 'cast 85


Device that tracks down lost keys, cats and dogs

More: Cast 09 Shownotes

Reviewed: 'cast 09

London Film & Comic Con

We boldly trek to this sci-fi convention: LFCC 2012 Review

Focus: 'cast 78

Lytro Camera

The Lytro camera captures the whole light field

Focus: 'cast 97

LV18 Light Vessel

We're aboard the former Trinity House Light Vessel

More: LV18 Info & Interview ; LV18 Transcript

Focus: 'cast 74


The Father of Wireless - See The Marconi Legacy

Featured: 'cast 75

Memory Upgrades

We explain how to upgrade your computer's RAM

Focus: 'cast 88

MiBody scales

Bathroom scales with a USB slot

More: Salter MiBody

Reviewed: 'cast 10

Micro PC Small net-top PC for your lounge or home office

More: iMax Mini Review Transcript ; iMax Mini Review

Reviewed: 'cast 48

MiFi from 3

Portable wi-fi modem reviewed

More: Show 44 Focus Transcript ; Field Challenge

Overview : 'cast 44

Focus: 'cast 80

Mobile Phones

More: Get more from your mobile | Mobile Phones

Featured: 'cast 49

Mobile Internet

Details of USB modems that get your laptop on the net at high speeds.

More: Mobile Broadband | Feature Transcript

Featured: 'cast 38


Audio format, for playback on a dedicated MP3 player

More: MP3 files & player page | Get more from MP3 | Shrink MP3 files

Featured: 'cast 11

Focus: cast 50


Our look at the MyHome247 security system

More: MyHome247 Starter Kit Reviewed

Reviewed : 'cast 39


A desktop gadget in the shape of a rabbit, that connects to your wireless network, and entertains and informs you.

More:Nabaztag page.

Mentioned: 'cast 01

Reviewed: 'cast 05

New Version: 'cast 11

Navigon 3D Sat Nav

A hands-on review of the Navigon 8410 3D Sat Nav recorded at Dabs Live in London.

Reviewed: 'Dabs Live

Nextorch myTorch

We looked at the programmable USB torch: myTorch from Nextorch

Focus: 'cast 76

Nintendo 3DS

The game-changing 3D handheld console reviewed

More: Nintendo 3DS Info ; Nintendo 3DS Review

Focus: 'Cast 62

Nintendo DSi

Handheld games console with 2 cameras, wi-fi and a web browser. Released in April 2009

More: Nintendo DSi page

Guide: 'DSi Guide

Nintendo Walk with Me

Get fit and track your footsteps on a Nintendo DS.

More: Walk With me Transcript

Reviewed: 'cast 41

Nintendo Wii

Games console with innovative wireless controllers, released in December 2006

More: Nintendo Wii page

News: 'cast 07

Reviewed: 'cast 10

Nintendo Wii Fit

FrequencyCast losing those pounds

More: Nintendo Wii page

Reviewed: 'cast 29

Nokia N95

Feature-packed mobile phone with 5 megapixel camera and a GPS receiver

More: Mobile Phones page (Nokia N95)

Reviewed: 'cast 14

o2 Joggler

Combined calendar / media player / news reader / digital picture frame.

More:, Joggler review transcript

Reviewed: 'cast 41

o2 XDA Orbit

Mobile phone powered by Windows Mobile software with built-in GPS receiver

More: Mobile Phones page (Orbit)

News: 'cast 10

Compared: 'cast 14

Olympus Voice Recorders

Handheld voice recording devices

More: Olympus LS10 and LS11 Review ; Olympus DS30 Review

Reviewed: 'cast 45

Featured: 'cast 33

On Demand TV

Watching TV shows and movies without having to follow TV schedules

More: TV-on-Demand in the UK

Overview : 'cast 19

OnLive Gaming

Watching TV shows and movies without having to follow TV schedules

More: OnLive Explored | OnLive Review

Overview : 'cast 68

Oral B Triumph

A wireless-enabled toothbrush, no less!

More: Cast 21 Shownotes

Reviewed: 'cast 21


Watch TV over the Net with this Windows software

More: TV Control page

Mentioned: 'cast 05

Mentioned: 'cast 13

Packard Bell iMax Mini Tiny PC for your desktop or lounge

More: iMax Mini Transcript ; iMax Mini Overview

Reviewed: 'cast 48

Parking Sensor

No more rear-end collisions with this gadget

Featured: 'cast 55

Parrot AR Drone 2.0

Hi-tech flying gadget: Parrot AR Drone 2.0

Featured: 'cast 75


Picture sharing and social networking: Focus on Pinterest

Featured: 'cast 78

PlusDeck PC Drive

PC cassette drive that allows conversion of audio cassettes to MP3

More: Plus Deck Page ; Archiving your media

Featured: 'cast 11

Podcast Kit

The Behringer Podcastudio kit reviewed

More: DIY Podcasting; Podcastudio Kit Review

Featured: 'cast 17

Overview: 'cast 17

Pollyanna Woodward We interviewed Polly from Channel 5's Gadget Show


PowerChimp & PowerMonkey

PowerChimp is the little brother of PowerMonkey - great for topping up power on your phone

More: Powerchimp review | PowerMonkey review

Chimp: 'cast 32

Monkey: 'cast 49

Powerline Adapters

Networking accessory that lets you feed Internet to other rooms using your house electrical wiring.

More: Powerline Adapters Pros and Cons

Overview: 'cast 02

Security:'cast 08

PowerPack Sales

Our look at a top range of mobile phone chargers from PowerPack Sales

Focus: 'cast 74

Power Station

Portable Power for your next outside event

Focus: 'cast 80

Printers & Printing

Our look at how to buy a printer and how to save costs.

Review: 'Cast 69

Project Canvas

The upcoming TV-on-demand service, Codenamed Project Canvas

Focus: 'cast 55

Pull String Charger

A few tugs to give your phone some free energy

Review: Dynamo Charger

Pulse Pen

The world's smartest pen?

More: Smart Pen | Pulse Pen Review Transcript

Reviewed : 'cast 40


Personal Video Recorder - A set-top box that has a built-in hard-disk used to record TV shows for playback at a later time

More: PVR Explained ; Sky's Sky+ site ; Freeview PVRs

Overview: 'cast 34

Qb-Mito Speaker

Powerful USB speaker: QB Mito from SoundScience

Featured: 'cast 75

RAM Upgrades

We explain how to upgrade your computer's memory

Focus: 'cast 88

Raspberry Pi

Credit Card sized computer for less than £25! Raspberry Pi Getting Started

News: 'cast 73

Focus: Cast 77

Interview: Cast 91

Realtek USB Receiver

USB stick that receives radio, TV and aircraft transponders (Realtek RTL2832)

Featured: 'cast 86

Remote Heating Control

Control your boiler online: British Gas Remote Heating Control

Featured: 'cast 78

Review of 2010

Our look back at the TV and Tech of 2010, from Show 59

More: Review of 2010 Transcript

Focus: 'cast 59

Review of 2011

Our look back at the TV and Tech of 2011, from Show 71

More: Review of 2011 Transcript

Focus: 'cast 71

Review of 2012

Our look back at the TV and Tech of 2012, from Show 83

More: Review of 2012 Transcript

Focus: 'cast 83


We talk to RoadPixel, who provide in-car journey cameras

Focus: 'cast 84

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Our look at tablet computing including the Apple iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

More: Tablet Computers Explored

Review: 'cast 60

Sanyo Massage Chair

Our Sarah tries a Zero Gravity Sanyo Massage Chair

Focus: 'cast 74

SatNav Uses data from orbiting GPS satellites to tell you where you are. Used for route planning - giving you spoken and visual prompts

More: Satellite Navigation page , Transcript of iPhone App review

Overview: 'cast 04

TomTom 940: 'cast 37

TomTom One: 'cast 04

iPhone Apps: 'cast 43

Second Life

Online virtual world. You'll find us online in Second Life as "Frequency Cardiff"

More: Cast 11 Shownotes

Featured: 'cast 11

Sky Anytime +

First look at Sky's TV-over-Internet service

Previewed: 'cast 55

Sky Digital

Digital TV service received with a satellite dish and a digibox.

More: Sky page and

Reviewed: 'cast 16

Sky+: 'cast 06

Sky+ Remote: 'cast 04

Skype Voice-over IP service for cheap phone calls.

More: VoIP page and

Quick look: 'cast 02

Tested: 'cast 08

Lie Detector: 'cast 11


Handset from network operator 3 that lets you make free Skype calls over their mobile data network.

More: Mobile Phone page

Reviewed: 'cast 21


Siri (iPhone 4s)

We play with Siri voice recognition assistant.

More: iPhone 4S Siri Transcript

Review: 'Cast 69


Plugs into your existing home TV system and lets you watch your system over broadband.

More: Slingbox page

Overview: 'cast 03

Mac / Symbian: 'cast 10

Interview: 'cast 85


The magic mousemat, as featured on Dragon's Den

Interview: Slouchmat

Discussed: 'cast 97


Answer the doorbell from anywhere in the world

Focus: 'cast 97

Smart Meters

By the end of 2019, we'll all have smart meters at home.

More: British Gas Smart Meters

Featured: 'cast 74

Featured: 'cast 76

Smart Pen

High-tech replacement for the good ol' pen.

More: Pulse Smartpen

Reviewed: 'cast 40

Smartphones We frequently feature smartphones, including Windows Mobile and Symbian OS devices.

More: Mobile Phone page

Roundup: 'cast 30

Smart Watches

Watches that pair with your Smartphone, such as the Pebble Smartwatch

Featured: 'cast 86

Soladapt Touchscreen

A look the Soladapt kit that converts your monitor to touchscreen

Featured: 'cast 87


Featured as a social collaboration app

Featured: 'cast 55

Sport on TV The options for getting the best Sky Sports deal.

More: Sport on TV Transcript

Reviewed : 'cast 54

Spy Camera Keyring Capture video and audio from this keyring: Review

Reviewed : 'cast 57

Star Trek

We headed to Destination Star Trek London 2012!

Special Report : DSTL

Streaming Media

Discussion of how to get video and video piped around your home

More: Streaming Media Explored ; Streaming Media Transcript

Overview : 'cast 36

Focus : 'cast 61

Subscription-free TV

Tired of paying a hefty TV subscription each month? Go subscription-free

More: Show 44 Focus Transcript ; Free TV

Overview : 'cast 44

Suzi Perry Our interview with the gadget goddess that is Suzi Perry


SWAP watch

It's a watch - and also a mobile phone and media player.

More: SWAP Watch review ; Transcript of SWAP item ; sWaP Rebel ; sWaP Nova ; sWaP Active

Reviewed: 'cast 33

Mentioned: 'cast 43

Tablet Computing

Our look at tablet computing including the Apple iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

More: Tablet Computers Explored

Review: 'cast 60

TalkTalk TV

Formerly Homechoice, this offers TV-over-Internet in parts of the UK. Rebranded from Tiscali TV to TalkTalk TV in Jan 2010

More: TalkTalk TV

Review: 'cast 32

On-demand: 'cast 19

Telly Terminate / TV B Gone

Kill that TV with this here keyring

More: Telly Terminate

Review: 'cast 53

TomTom Sat Nav

Leading name in Sat Nav manufacturers

More: Satellite Navigation page , TomTom Start, Transcript of iPhone App review, TomTom 1000 transcript

TomTom 1000: Cast 57

TomTom 940: 'cast 37

iPhone Apps: 'cast 43

Top Up TV Anytime

Digital TV service that receives Freeview, and downloads content overnight onto a built-in hard-disk recorder

More: Top Up TV Anytime page

News: 'cast 06

Reviewed: 'cast 10

Toy Fair 2013

Digital TV service that receives Freeview, and downloads content overnight onto a built-in hard-disk recorder

More: Toy Fair 2013 | Toy Fair 2013 Transcripts

Toy Fair Special

Triax Tri-link

The answer to home TV distribution?

More: Triax Tri-link Review

Reviewed: 'cast 56


As seen on Dragon's Den, screen out those annoying home phone calls.

More: Cast 42 Show Notes

Mentioned: 'cast 42

TV Accessories

Discussion of a range of TV gadgets, such as: AV sender, surround sound, Apple TV, TV-B-Gone, SCART switchers and surge protectors.

More: Cast 22 Shownotes

Featured: 'cast 22

TV Max

TV-over-Internet service from Internet provider Namesco

More: Cast 01 Shownotes

Featured: 'cast 01

TV in other rooms

How to watch digital TV in a second room

More: Show 44 Transcript

Overview : 'cast 44

TV Listing Services

TV Guides, listing magazines, online sites and applications reviewed

More: TV Listings Guides Reviewed

Reviewed: 'cast 45

TV on your PC

Use your PC to watch and record telly shows

More: Our TV on PC page

Overview : 'cast 18

USB Modems

Details of USB modems that get your laptop on the net at high speeds.

More: Mobile Broadband

Featured: 'cast 27

USB Turntable

Transfer your old vinyl to MP3 with this record deck

More: Cast 05 Shownotes ; MP3 Gadgets

Overview : 'cast 05


Cheeky critter for hands-free Skype calls

More: Verballs page

Reviewed : 'cast 08

Video Senders

Send TV wirelessly to a second room

More: Show 44 Transcript

Overview : 'cast 44

View Quest Internet Radio Probably the world's smallest Internet radio

More: View Quest Radio Transcript

Reviewed : 'cast 54

Virgin Media

Digital TV, Internet and phone down a cable

More: Cable TV page

In-depth: 'cast 26

Hi-def: 'cast 23

Voiceworks v1

A hands-free kit with Bluetooth and speech recognition

More: Voiceworks v1 Audio Review

Voiceworks v1 Special


Voice over IP refers to technology to allow voice calls over the Internet, for cheap phone calls

More: VoIP page and

In depth : 'cast 08


We interview the team from subscription TV service VuTV

Reviewed: 'cast 93


A review and hands-on test of walkie-talkie PMR radios

More: Walkie Talkie Review Transcript

Reviewed: 'cast 51

Wand TV Remote Control your TV with the flick of your wrist

More: Cast 46 Wand Transcript

Reviewed: 'cast 46

Watts The world's going green - we cover how to measure and limit your power consumption.

More: How Many Watts page ; Energy Meters Explained

Focus: 'cast 30


Featured as a social collaboration app

Featured: 'cast 55

WD HD Media Player Small HDMI media player for your lounge

More: WD TV HD Review Transcript

Reviewed: 'cast 48

Weather Stations Try your hand as a weather forecaster

More: Cast 48 Weather Kit Transcript ; Weather Stations

Reviewed: 'cast 48

Featured: 'cast 70

Wi-Fi Wireless networking - Allows sharing of a home broadband connection without the need to run lots of wires.

More: See our wi-fi page ; Wi-Fi Focus

In depth: 'cast 40

Wi-Fi Hotspots Getting a wireless connection from a local hotspot.

More: Cast 46 Wi-Fi Hotspots Transcript ; BT Openzone

Focus: 'cast 46

Wi-Fi Webcams

Wireless webcams to allow you to keep an eye on your home while you're out

More: Internet Camera Page ; Wireless Home Security

Focus: 'cast 35

Focus: 'cast 80

Wireless Telegraphy Act

A look at the UK Scanner Listening Law

Focus: 'cast 87

WOWee One

Impressive gel-packed pocket speakers. More: WOWee One

Focus: 'cast 77

X-Pro Tools Spirit Levels

Ingenious spirit levels from X-Pro Tools

Focus: 'cast 78

Yale Digital Lock

A look at a keyless door entry system - Yale Digital 1 Lock

Focus: 'cast 79

YouView from BT

A look at the new digital TV service, and an interview with BT

Focus: 'cast 81

Zombies, Run!

A novel way to enjoy running - Zombies, Run!

Focus: 'cast 74

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