First Time with FrequencyCast?

No idea what FrequencyCast is? We’re a technology radio show that’s available online as a podcast. On this page, we’ll explain what a podcast is and how to listen to FrequencyCast


FrequencyCast MicWhat is FrequencyCast?

FrequencyCast is a free online radio show, which is available online as a ‘podcast’ and on Internet radio stations.

You can listen to our shows over the Internet whenever you want. You can also download our shows to your computer, or to your portable music player (such as an iPod or a smartphone).

In each show, the FrequencyCast team discusses Digital TV (including Freeview and Sky), gadgets and technology. We bring you a round-up of the latest tech news, then focus in on a subject that’s been suggested by our listeners. Our aim is to inform and entertain.

How can I listen to FrequencyCast?

There are several ways to listen to our free radio shows. Here’s a summary:

Listen onlineOur shows are available 24 hours a day, “on demand”. When you select one of our shows, you have the option to play the show using our pop-up player, or using the media player on your PC.

You can get to each show from our Shows Page , where you’ll find a “Play now” button.

iPod, iPhone or iPad?If you have an Apple iPod, iPhone or iPad, we’re available, free, in iTunes!

Subscribe to FrequencyCast in iTunes buttonEither search for “FrequencyCast” in the podcast section of iTunes, or go straight to our page using the button on the right.

You’ll be able to download our shows, and sign up to get new shows delivered as soon as they’re released.

Download to your PC or MacOur shows are made available to you as MP3 files. As standard, PC and Mac computers can play MP3 files without needing extra software. From our site, you can download each show to a folder on your PC or Mac, so you can play them back at your leisure.

You can get to each show from our Shows Page and use the Download button (Average 28 Megs per show).

Download Show PromoTry out downloading a file: Get our 90 second teaser MP3. To do this, right-click on the Download icon to the right – from the menu, “Save Target As…”.

Listen on the moveIf you have an MP3 player or a mobile phone that can play music, then you can download our shows as MP3 files to your PC or Mac computer, and use the software provided with your media player or smartphone to copy the shows to your portable device.

Android and Apple smartphone users can also download our free mobile phone application – Search your App Store for “FrequencyCast”

For other types of device, paste our podcast feed address into your mobile phone’s podcast application. The feed address is:

Streaming ServiceFrequencyCast also broadcasts as an Internet streaming radio station, 24 hours a day. This means you can:

  • Listen to us via streaming software (Windows Media Player, Real Player, or a streaming app on your mobile)
  • Listen to us via an Internet radio (e.g. Pure or Revo)

For information on how to listen to our stream, see our FrequencyCast Online page

Not clear? Please email us and we’ll be happy to help.


Find out about new shows:

We release new shows regularly. There are two ways you can find out about new FrequencyCast shows.

The easiest is to sign up to our free newsletter. We send out 1 or 2 emails a month to let you know about new shows.

To sign up, enter your email address in the box below. We’ll send you an email to confirm your address is valid, then you’ll be on our list.

Email Address:


Subscription Feed

You can also get new shows delivered to your computer, smartphone or MP3 player automatically. We have a “feed” that contains details of new shows, and this feed can be read by computers.

Subscribe to FrequencyCast in iTunes buttonIf you have an iPod, iPhone or iPad, the best example of how to get shows automatically, is to sign up using iTunes. If you have Apple iTunes on your PC, then click on this link: Subscribe to FrequencyCast to add our show to your iTunes catalogue (for free).

There are several other automatic podcast downloaders. The box below provides information about our feed.

Subscribe to feedIf you use a Podcast application on your PC or Mac, such as Juice, or you use a mobile phone podcast application, you can get shows using our feed link below. Add our feed and the app will download new FrequencyCast shows as they’re released…

Our feed: Podcast RSS feed


Hopefully you now know what FrequencyCast is all about, and how you can listen. If this page isn’t clear, please email us and let us know.

We hope you enjoy our shows – and that you’ll spread the word!


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