Knight Rider 2008

First Star Trek, then Battlestar Galactica… Now Knight Rider.

In February, a “next generation” version of Knight Rider took to the air in the US. An impressive 10 million US viewers tuned in, but the critics were scathing.

We’ve had a quick preview of the new series, that’s set 25 years after the days of Michael, Devon and Bonnie. All’s chaned with KITT, Knight Industries 3000. He’s now voiced by Val Kilmer, and he’s a Ford Mustang. No sign of a Turbo Boost yet, but there are some new gadgets. There are now two red swooshy lights, and KITT has “self regeneration” and “nanotech enhanced camouflage”, which means that the car can change colour, seems indestructable, and can self-repair. We’re not convinced.

More on the US remake at

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