Top Up TV software updated to 2.91

Top Up TV has updated their software from v2.88 to v2.91. This appears to be a minor release that apparently addresses a “channel scanning issue” that affects users on the Sutton Coldfield transmitter, adds an option to the Engineering menus to temporarily stop the video preview window in the library, and adds some stability fixes.


  • MarkP

    Stability fixes? I wonder under what circumstances they would apply? My TUTV+ box is, if anything, less reliable since going to v2.91… I’m getting to the point where I’ve ended up here because I’m looking for potential fixes (and contact details for Thomson) because it’s so chronic. Given that this is the only device available to access this service, you’d think they’d have made it a bit more solid in order to hang on to custom vs cable and satellite…

    Oddly enough I do live in the Sutton area, and previously had some wierd issues with the signal strength checker going bananas when going up/down channels, I’ll have to test that and see if it’s improved (not needed to play with it for a while since I found my aerial was misaligned and got it properly aimed at the transmitter).

    It’s still missing recordings for no reason (at least issuing a warning message, but that’s still no substitute for the programme I’d wanted to watch), creating recordings that are so corrupt that they make the box freeze solid if you try to view them or even leave the highlight on their title for more than a second in the list (made deleting it kinda tricky), getting confused over timings and recording two and a quarter hours for a one-hour programme (with the target one occupying the last 60 minutes, not the first, so you have to fast forward to get to it … and if you go over 8x seek, it freezes), being completely confounded by the concepts of “fast forward” and “rewind”, only displaying the progress bar at random, etc. Sometimes it will refuse to actually record something when you hit the “record” button at the start of an unexpected programme, even though the icon comes up on screen after you’ve done the silly “hold it for 4 seconds” thing… the red LED doesn’t come on, and it doesn’t record, you have to actually go into the EPG and set it as a ‘planned’ recording, even though it’s already started. Not to mention we’d be lucky to get 60 hours of recording overall from this “120 hour” machine – some of those 2 1/4 hour recordings seemingly took up 6 hours of space, given how the “free space” reading jumped when they were deleted.

    Just crap. Want a refund. Don’t actually give a toss about TUTV, it was just the cheapest PVR around… and we didn’t even get what we paid for. The 10-year-old VHS tape recorder sat next to it (that i’ve been archiving series onto), which cost £49, exhibits none of these issues. It has no frills, it just bloody works. Why can’t the PVR do similar?

    (I’m copying this to notepad to use in any email I might end up sending them, in fact)

  • geoff

    Yes I agree the 2.91 is even more flaky, on the old version it locked up about once a day now it locks up very frequently . The software seems downright ropey, tis a shame as it could have been really good,only option is to go for sky ..

  • Ralph

    Hi, Having the same problem 80% of what i ask it to record it fails with an error message of #0304. I contacted TUTV and they said they would not help unless i paid them £7.00 a month. Cheaper to buy a new box thats not TUTV. TThanks

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