Fancy a Lavazza coffee anyone?

Lavazza Amodo MioIt’s jolly chilly out there, so our advice is to stay in and have a nice cup of coffee.

Our Pete considers himself to be something of a coffee connoisseur, and he’s been on a quest for a decent home coffee machine for a while. He’s tried a generic coffee machine, been sadly disappointed by a Tassimo machine’s awful cappuccino capsules, and until Christmas, was happy with a Nespresso machine. He’s been craving a decent home Italian coffee solution – either Illy or Lavazza – and now he’s found one.

Today, Pete’s been playing with an Amodo Mio Lavazza coffee machine (well, it’s cold outside), and has recorded a short review of his ability to make a decent cappuccino.

If you’re at a loose end, have a listen to 4 minutes of Pete talking about coffee – See and hear our Amodo Mio Lavazza Review.

Into your coffee? We’d love to hear your home coffee stories and preferences.

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  • Richard Foulkes

    I’ve got a Krups Dolce Gusto coffee machine and I would recommend it to anyone. Considering the relatively low price compared to some of the fancier machines for afficianados (from the likes of Lavazza and Gaggia) I think it makes a very nice cup of coffee. You can get about nine different varieties of coffee and unlike some of it’s competitors (Tassimo, Senseo) it has 15 bar pressure.

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