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Unofficial Guide to Amodo Mio Lavazza Coffee

Looking for some new coffee in your life? Now you can get the taste of Lavazza Italian Coffee in your home with a new Espresso machine - the Amodo Mio. Here, you'll find our unofficial audio guide plus some more info...

Listen to the Frequencycast Amodo Mio Guide - Duration 6 minutes

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Coffee anyone?

Pete's been playing with a new coffee machine, the Amodo Mio. It's an espresso machine that has a steamer allowing it to make cappuccino too.

Biggest selling point of this machine, is that it uses capsules of Lavazza coffee - one of the best Italian coffees around.

There are similar systems out there - the rather disappointing Tassimo machine, and the various Nespresso machines available.

Pete, our resident coffee fiend, gives this machine the thumbs up - as you'll hear in our audio review.

Making a coffee

There's a range of different flavours of coffee in the Lavazza range...

Range of Lavazza capsules

Each box has a handy strength and flavour guide...

Coffee Strength on the back of the box

Pick the Lavazza cartridge, drop it into the slot and shut the flap...

The Lavazza Coffee Cartridge

Insert the Lavazza cartridge, pull down the metal lever to pierce the coffee capsule, then press the Brew button to get the juice flowing...

Coffee flowing

Then, use the steamer nozzle and the dial on the side to froth up the milk (we'd suggest a metal jug and semi-skimmed milk). Here's the finished product as heard in our audio guide.

The Final Product

In summary - our Pete's impressed, and if you're partial to a nice Italian coffee, this machine is worth checking out.


The Saeco Amodo Mio Lavazza Espresso Machine is available from:

Know of another supplier? Contact us


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Got a question about this coffee machine? Ask our Pete, or leave us a message on 020 8133 4567. You can also have you say in our Lavazza blog entry.


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