Skype and Facebook integrate

Technically, this is slightly old news, as it happened about two weeks ago, but it’s not always easy spot these things amongst the tech noise.

If you’re a Skype user, note that there’s a new version of the Skype Windows app available for download. Version 5 of Skype comes with an amazingly handy feature – Facebook integration. From within Skype, you can browse the news feed, update your Facebook status (as well as your Skype Mood), and also call your Facebook contacts over Skype.

Skype with Facebook

Skype with Facebook

A smooth bit of integration, and as we tend to have Skype running here at the FrequencyCast office all of the time, it’s a handy way to interact with our faithful Facebook followers!

We’re about to record the news for tomorrow’s show, so expect the Facebook / Skype integration to get a mention.

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