Interview with Marlene from Fools and Horses

Happy Easter to our listeners. As a little “Easter Egg” from the team here at FrequencyCast, we’re happy to bring you an exclusive Only Fools and Horses interview.

At the grand opening of an Only Fools and Horses exhibition called “Trotters on Sea”, our Pete met up with Sue Holderness, who plays Boycie’s long-suffering wife, Marlene. The exhibition, which was held on Southend Pier, featured a whole range of iconic Only Fools and Horses stuff, including Trigger’s broom, Del’s first mobile phone and one of the Trotters Independent Traders yellow Reliant Robins.

Pete chatted with Sue Holderness about the production of the show, and asked why she feels that despite being on our TVs for over 30 years, the show still endures, and looks at some of the great moments from the show.

The interview is available in two forms – audio, or video. The video is a montage of photos from the Fools and Horses exhibition.

We also had a quick chat about the technology of its day, where we saw the arrival through the series of things such as Del’s yuppie mobile phone and the camcorder. We asked Sue for her take on how the show featured technology. Here’s what she had to say:

“That is what dates the episodes, of course. You see phones the size of bricks, and video recorders the size of suitcases, and it’s quite fun for those of us who lived through that time, as it does take you back.

It’s interesting as a sort of a historical document for the current generation to see what is was like for their parents – the amazing equipment we dealt with while they’re managing to go on email with their tiny little phones. It is a very different world”

We hope you enjoy our interview with the lovely Sue Holderness, who’s leopard-print outfits graced our screens on Only Fools and Horses, as well as the spin-off series Green Green Grass.

Happy Easter everyone!

This time next year, we’ll be millionaires!


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