Kelly’s Neon Luminescent Dancing

As promised in our July show, FrequencyCast 89, here is a piece of bonus video material – the chance to see our Kelly as you’ve never seen her before.

At the end of June, Kelly was up on stage in front of a packed theatre in a high-tech suit. To find out more, take a look at the following video clip:

Making the costume

Here’s Kelly, describing how the costume was put together:

To make the costume, I used three sets of Electroluminescent (EL) wire:

  • 1 x 1m for the hood and body,
  • 2 x 3m for the arms and the legs.

All of the wire was then connected to a battery pack (that takes 8 AA batteries) using a single splitter, so it is powered by the one battery pack.

The battery pack was also bought with a ‘plunger’ which turns the lights on and off. The battery pack was threaded up the arm and attached to the cuff for easy access


We hope you enjoy this rather unusual piece of bonus material. Please add a comment to let us know what you think …

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