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FrequencyCast UK - Show 114

The show notes to go with Show 114 of our technology radio show.

Listen to, or download, FrequencyCast Show 114 (31 mins)

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Show 114 NEWS

Here's a look at the news stories covered in Show 114:

  • Launch of first Ulta HD Channel: First up, the UK now has its first 4k, or Ultra HD, TV channel. BT launched its Ultra HD Sports channel ahead of August's football season. The channel will be delivered over Broadband via the Humax 1TB Ultra HD YouView+ set top box. You'll need a BT fibre connection capable of a sizable 44mbps for the live stream. At the time of recording, BT is offering a £125 Sainsbury's gift card with every online Ultra HD order, plus a 15% discount on LG Ultra HD televisions. Details: BT Ultra HD Sport and BT Ultra TV - LG Discount

  • SkyQ Set-top box on the way: Staying with digital TV, Sky is expected to launch its new set-top box in the coming weeks. Called SkyQ, this will offer 4k TV, streaming to mobile devices, and is rumoured to have 4 tuners (twice as many as the Sky+ boxes). More when we have it.

  • Angry Birds 2: Next up - Angry Birds 2 is here - six years after the launch of the runaway time waster - it's back. Available now, and topping the charts, on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

  • Not Top Gear on Amazon: Next – Missing your fix of Clarkson, May and Hammond? They're off to Amazon Prime's streaming video service. Twitter reaction has been pretty mixed, with many hard-core fans not keen to pay £80 a year to watch the online not-Top Gear Show.

  • Apple Month in September: September is Apple month, with rumours of the iPhone 6+ already circulating. For us, rumours of a new Apple TV look more interesting - a new style touchpad, and Siri voice control, catching up with Amazon's Fire TV product. More next month

  • Big battery - silly name: Tired of your smartphone running out of battery? A new android phone's due out next month, packing a 6250mAh battery – twice the capacity of many of its rivals. The name of this new phone? The Doogie HomTom. Big batteries increase charge time, but the HomTom uses a fast charging solution called Pump Express Plus. We're convinced someone's having a laugh. If you don't believe us, see our show notes!

  • Uhura & NASA: Next, well done to Nichelle Nichols, better known to us as Lt Uhura from Star Trek is set to boldly go on a NASA mission in September. Aged 82, she's set to fly on the SOFIA space telescope, which is housed aboard a specially-converted Boeing 747. She's not quite going into space, but will get some great views flying at up to 50,000 feet above the Earth.

  • And finally: Following on from our piece in the last show on drones, a Kentucky man tired of a drone encroaching on his privacy, shot it out of the sky with his shotgun. According to local media, he was arrested and charged with first degree criminal mischief and first degree wanton endangerment. At least it wasn't an Amazon Prime drone making an urgent delivery of Jeremy Clarkson...

FOCUS: Show 114

Windows 10 - First Look

Kelly and Pete take their first look at Windows 10 - could this be the last OS from Miscrosoft... and will it success wehere Windows 8 failed?

Windows 10 Desktop

Fitness Trackers Update

Pete's having problems with his Fitbit Charge - and the band falling to pieces after 7 months of normal wear. Will Fitbit step up and replace it?

Firbit Charge Band Problem

There's also been some interesting news about the Nike Fuelband - In the US, those purchasing a Nike Fuelband between January 2012 and June 2015 - $15 compensation - More details:

Apple Watch

Pete fought it for a while, but now has got himself an Apple Watch - Could it actually change his life?

Apple Watch in action

Contactless Payment

Pete finds an excuse to get some coffee - and finds out how contactless payment and Apple Pay works out from the other side of the till.

Using Apple Pay at Costa Coffee

Planned Obsolescence

France has just changed their laws to say that manufacturers have to say how long they expect their products to last. For the first time people will be able to make a real choice when they buy something. e.g. "Do I get the £15 kettle that lasts 1 year? or the £30 kettle that lasts 5-6 years?"

Sign the petition: Stop the greedy companies from making things that break


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Cast 114: Interaction

Thanks to everyone who got in touch with us since the last show. In this show, we respond to the following mails and calls:


Smart Meters & Solar:

Roger says:

"Hi Pete & Kelly. I have recently had solar PV (photovoltaic) panels installed on my roof. Will the new smart meters be able to show the PV generation, the consumption and the amount of electric I am exporting? At present the payments for solar panels are a payment for the total Kwh generated and an export payment which is calculated on the basis that you will use 50% of the total generated. In practice this is an underpayment as a truer figure is nearer 1/3 is used by the homeowner so the electric company is getting free electric when the sun shines."

We suspect not - Smart meters just monitor consumption, not contribution. Any thoughts? Get in touch

Google Unsend:

Andy from Thamesmead says:

"What's all the Hoo Ha about Google Unsend! I have been using Gmail since it's inception,I found out about the "Unsend" option a few months after I started using it. I thought everyone knew about it! I could have amazed you all by telling you years ago!"

4k Ultra HD on Virgin:

Terry Costello says:

"Great show. I look forward to the 1st of the month. Kelly don't ever leave. You are an ideal balance to Pete. Can you tell me what you know about a Virgin Tivo 4K compatible set top box please?"

As far as we know, there are no immediate plans for an Ultra HD service from Virgin, but this gave us the opportunity to talk about 4k, and play an extract of our interview from Gadget Show Live with Rita from Finlux.

Coke Bottles:

Chriss Benitez got in touch:

"Hey I downloaded Periscope just to see you, and the day i received a notification my mobile signal was lost... What a shame. Anyway you should use it. I would like to see both of you making the bottle challenge. Cheers From México"


Got a comment or question? You can leave us a voicemail by calling 020 8133 4567 or sending us a message. We'd love to hear from a few more of you, so please get in touch and say "hi" - our shows are driven by your feedback - So talk to us!


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