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The show notes to go with Show 122 of our technology radio show.

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Show 122 NEWS

Here’s a look at the news stories covered in Show 122:

  • Users of pre-2013 Kindle users note that last month, machines on older versions of the Kindle software stopped connecting to the Internet. A new version of software is available and users had until the 22nd of March to upgrade. If you missed the deadline, like I did, you can still install the update – buy using a cable connected to your computer and manually installing the update.
  • Good news for Barclays and Barclaycard customers. They can finally use Apple Pay for contactless payment on iPhones, iPads and the Apple Watch. Since Apple Day launched in July 2015, 15 bands and card providers have signed up, and Barclays has finally followed suit.
  • Android OS users, note that Android Pay, which launched in the US last year, is set for a UK launch in the coming months, for Android users who’s smartphones run Android 4.4 or higher, and have phones with an NFC chip built-in.
  • While there’s current “an app for that”, according to Microsoft, the future is the bot. The best example of a bot is the digital assistant, such as Microsoft’s Cortana, or Apple’s Siri. Tell the bot what to do, and it goes off and does it for you. Cortana is set for an update later in the year to make her more clever, and last month, Microsoft launched Tay, a chatterbot for Twitter that’s already landed them in hot water by releasing racist and sexually-charged messages on Twitter.
  • If you’re with TalkTalk, you’ll now be able to make use of a new security feature to keep your account safe, voice recognition. When you contact TalkTalk, instead of the usual security questions, you’ll be able to prove who you are using TalkSafe biometric voice recognition technology. This is reportedly more secure, and is capable of recognising more than 100 different factors in a person’s voice – that includes the shape of their larynx and nasal passage. TalkTalk’s the first telco to offer this service, and no doubt other services will follow suit.
  • And finally – some great April fools windups, but our favourite for 2016 came from none other than Aunty Beeb. VHS cleaning tapes at the ready, gang?

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Ten Years of FrequencyCast

We released this month’s show slightly late, to line up with exactly 10 years of FrequencyCast. Happy 10th birthday to us!!

Kelly and Pete celebrating 10 years at London's Excel Centre

Kelly and Pete celebrating 10 years at London’s Excel Centre


Wearable Tech 2016

Kelly and Pete hit London’s Wearable Tech. Have a listen to our findings. More interviews and coverage of the show will following in our May 2016 show.

Kelly - this is radio - no need for makeup, Good use of a smartphone though

Kelly – this is radio – no need for makeup, Good use of a smartphone though

Wearable Kids mobile phone & tracker

A nice little product. Keep in touch with your kids with this trackable watch and phone

Kelly with the TechSixtyFour trackable kids phone watch

Kelly with the TechSixtyFour trackable kids phone watch

Virtual Reality Social Network

Kelly tries out a new VR social (or should that be sociable) network. Want to join us for a virtual show soon? Let us know!

Kelly, giving virtual sociable networking a try

Kelly, giving virtual sociable networking a try

Fitness tracking ring

Not into watches and wristbands? Could the answer be a fitness ring?

Kelly, with a fitness-tracking ring

Kelly, with a fitness-tracking ring

One of those awkward moments, captured at Wearable Tech 2016

One of those awkward moments, captured at Wearable Tech 2016


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Just what the heck is this product... any guesses?

Just what the heck is this product… any guesses?

Cast 122 Interaction

Thanks to everyone who got in touch with us since the last show. In this show, we respond to the following mails and calls:

Thanks to Ray Boseley, Simon Kirkman, Dennis Thomas, Andrew Cox and Martin McKay for making a donation to help cover our costs.


Following on from a piece in the last show, we had the following messages re. the photos of Pete and Kelly, morphed for show 121:

  • Paul Ruising said on Facebook – “very glamorous, and I don’t mean you Pete”
  • Richard Parslow said “weird”
  • Michael Johnson said “scary”


Next Dan Williams said:

“I’m responding regarding the listeners question on an alternative PVR to the Topfield 5800. I used Topfield PVR’s for many years and because they are no longer sold in the UK I did extensive research for alternatives. I bought a Humax HDR-2000T and love it. You can plug in a USB pen drive and copy off recordings and it also has built in access to BBC iPlayer (via your wi-fi of course). There is also a strong Humax community offering support.”

We heard from Andy from Thamesmead:

“As my first Smartphone, a Google Nexus S was showing its age, I bought a Motorola Moto G 3rd edition,back in September. After a long hard look on the Internet I found what I wanted.
As I specifically wanted a Dual Sim model, I had to import one from India via eBay. After about three weeks DHL came knocking at my door and after paying £18 Duty. Got a shiny new Dual Sim Moto G 3rd edition. It’s now had the Marshmallow update and it’s amazing. The absolute best bit is speaking your search requests into Google to do a search!”

Next, Kevin Breen asks:

“Is Discovery on Freeview free, or do you have to pay to receive this program?”

It’s not on Freeview, but it’s on Sky, Virgin and BT, as well as TalkTalk TV and Now TV

One from Darren Ney:

“I have after months of thinking about getting a new mobile decided to move to Apple and get an IPhone 5s to replace my well over 2 year old Nexus 4.

I was wondering if you could do a review of say the top 10 mobile apps that you use.
For me its Facebook, A weather app, Last FM, Spotify, SoundHound, TuneIn radio, Map My walk, Email, Amazon and Groupon.”

Chris Harrison asks:

“If I plug the router into one powerline adapter and a printer into another adapter in another room, can I then print wirelessly from my laptop or does this also need an adapter?”

Yes. If your router supports wi-fi, so your laptop can connect, then no problem, the laptop will see the printer if the printer’s connected to the router using Powerline.

Peter Howav got in touch to say:

“Worth watching. A demo of Akai’s first cassette tape auto reverse system. His channel “techmoan” is a good watch too:”


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