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Show 125 NEWS

Here’s a look at the news stories covered in Show 125:

  • Nokia Revival: Mobile World Congress is where the top phone makers announce their latest and greatest. This year’s has been dominated by a reboot of the 17 year old Nokia 3310. This trusty old handset is made under licence, as Nokia no longer makes phones. The new 3310 has a 2 megapixel camera and a version of Snake. Priced at under 50 Euro, it has an impress the one month battery life. Those were the days!
  • Make The Air Fair: 5G is on the way, and later this year, chunks of the radio spectrum will be auctioned off. Under current rules, BT, which now owns EE, could get nearly 80% of the 5G allocation. BT/EE already owns 42%, Vodafone at 29%, with 3 at 15%, and o2 at 14%. A campaign has been launched to get Ofcom to call for a 30% cap, which allows more competition and hopefully lower prices. Details at
  • BT customers can expect a price-rise in April, with Broadband going up £2 a month, as well as call costs. Line rental remains the same. BT Sport, which has been free for BT TV customers, will no longer be free – costing £3.50 a month. Switching is now easier than ever before – Switch Your Broadband | Digital TV Options
  • The Nintendo Switch is out. Replacing the clunky Wii U, this console costs £280 and works with your TV or using the stand-alone tablet. User reviews are mixed, with reports of joycon Bluetooth problems and dead pixels, but the idea of switching from home to mobile Mario could give Nintendo the boost it needs
  • Raspberry Pi Zero W: Good news for makers and coders, the Raspberry Pi Zero W is out – the low-cost, high spec computer now has Bluebooth and Wi-fi onboard. The price… A tenner. Bargain.
  • Google Home: Later in the show, we’ll be talking to Amazon’s Alexa. Google’s own in-home assistant, imaginatively called Google Home, it likely to hit our shores by May. Will it have what it takes? Watch this space!
  • Trekking Back: It’s been a long time… but Trek is set to warp back onto our TV screens this Autumn. Star Trek Discovery, is set 10 years before Kirk’s Enterprise, and in the UK, it’s be boldly going… to Netflix
  • Digital Radio: In radio news, Norway’s started it’s FM switchoff. 99.5% of the population has DAB coverage, and national and local stations will vanish from FM by the end of the year. Ofcom’s reviewing the UK’s situation again, later this year
  • And Finally – Boffins clearly have nothing better to do than this. A robot’s been built that has broken the record for solving the Rubik’s cube. It can do the job in 0.637 seconds. Watch the 12x slowmo video, via our site. Hopefully, now that problem’s solved, then can work on enhancing biscuits, so they don’t disintegrate 0.637 seconds into a dunk.

FOCUS: Show 125

Amazon Alexa.

The Amazon Echo and cheaper Dot are available here: Amazon Echo

2MT Writtle Anniversary

For more details, see:

Jim Salmon, on-air on Radio Emma Toc in Feb 2017

Jim Salmon, on-air on Radio Emma Toc in Feb 2017

Fitness Tracking for pets

For more details, see

Pete, wearing the PitPat Pet Tracker

Pete, wearing the PitPat Pet Tracker

Contactless Payment Ring

for more details, go to

Kelly, modelling the Kurv Contactless Payment Ring

Kelly, modelling the Kurv Contactless Payment Ring

Radio Caroline Video

Here’s the Radio Caroline / FrequencyCast video, cunningly edited by Keith, as discussed in this show – enjoy!


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Just what the heck is this product... any guesses?

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Cast 125 Interaction

Thanks to everyone who got in touch with us since the last show. In this show, we respond to the following mails and calls:

First up for this show, a message from Barbara Kelly. She asked:

“If I’m not allowed to have a Sky box where I live… what is the alternative?”

There are loads of choices – BT YouView and Virgin Media offer many of the Sky channels. See our Digital TV Page for some of the options. Otherwise, take a look at Now TV, which offers Enternatinment, Cinema or Kids packs.

Next, we heard from Bob King, who asked:

“I have multi room with sky but my 2nd sky box is an old one. I recently purchased a new flat screen because my old TV was cutting the sides off the picture. However my new TV is also cutting the sides off. Is this because the skybox needs replacing or is this to do with the type of TV purchased?”

Sky boxes to allow you to change the SCART aspect ratio (Settings > Picture). If it’s showing in the correct ratio 16:9, many TVs have an auto setting that will do a “best fit”. Have a look in the telly’s manual, or get in touch with the make & model of the telly. Take a look at HomeHelpHub for some guidance.


Tim Howlett says:

“In show 124, you mentioned TV reception problems that Manesh had – I had the same problem (where I work, at a radio station in Derby) which was fixed by changing the booster / amplifier for one with an “at 800″ logo. This filters out the 4G signals now in the 800MHz range. This might be worth a mention as Ofcom plan to do the same with 700MHz .”

Good point Tim, and thanks for that.

And finally for this month’s Interaction, a hello to David Simmons, who says:

“I first met you through Essex Ham. I was the blind student on your online foundation course. Pete, I have passed my foundation and intermediate exams. Love the podcasts – best wishes David 2E0AAI

Got a comment or question? You can leave us a voicemail by calling 020 8133 4567 or sending us a message. We’d love to hear from a few more of you, so please get in touch and say “hi” – our shows are driven by your feedback – So talk to us!


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