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Internet and wi-fi Cameras

Internet cameras and wi-fi webcams in the UK explored by the FrequencyCast team. Details of wireless cameras that can be used to check up on your home while you're out.


Internet cameras?

We featured Internet cameras in Show #35.

They're a handy way of keeping an eye on your house while you're out. Perhaps you want to keep an eye on your pets while you're at work? Or perhaps you want the peace of mind of having some cheap home security in place.

Today's Internet cameras are pretty sophisticated - they can capture images when motion or heat is detected, take a snap, and sent you an email. You can also get them to store pictures online for later viewing.

We featured Internet cameras in Show 35.

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Internet Cameras discussed in Show 35:

Basic indoor wireless IP camera

  • Views remote site streaming video anywhere through your web browser
  • Supports motion-detection and sends the snapshot of events via email

At the time of recording, this wireless camera was available for £70 from Maplin

Wireless Network IP Camera

Outdoor Internet Camera

This is a high-quality colour pictures and audio with a long night-vision range. It's suitable for monitoring open areas indoor and outdoor, day or night. Here are the specs:

  • Wireless Colour High Resolution CCTV Kit
  • 26 infrared LEDs for night-time vision
  • Weather-proof for outdoor use
  • 100 metre range
  • With microphone

At the time of recording, available for £99 from Maplin but last time we checked, just £60

Wireless Outdoor Camera

Camera with Pan, Zoom and Tilt

In the show, we featured the Panasonic BL-C111 IP security camera. This has PTZ - pan, tilt and 10x digital zoom. It also has, motion and heat detection, plus a microphone. Specs:

  • Remote pan and tilt capability with 10 x digital zoom
  • Colour night-time mode
  • Supports FTP for image upload to the Internet
  • 1-way audio support allows you to listen in on sounds around the camera
  • Sends an e-mail with attached image when triggered by built-in thermal sensor, on detection of motion and/or timer
  • Record video to a computer hard drive


Panasonic BLC111

Network WebcamsWant an Internet camera at a decent price?

We recommend and Maplin


Connecting and using an Internet camera

Using an Internet camera is fairly straightforward, but there are a couple of Gotchas you need to be aware of. Here's a quick summary:


If you get your Internet via Broadband, hopefully you have a firewall in place. These protect your computers from attack from the outside world. If you have an Internet router, such as the BT Home Hub, then this should have a wireless router in place to protect you from Internet attacks. If you have a webcam at home, you'll want to access it from outside your home system, which means you'll have to open up a safe 'hole' in your firewall.

For help on opening a 'hole', something known as "port forwarding" using a BT Home Hub, see our Home Hub FAQ

Dynamic IP address

If you're connecting to your home camera over the Internet, you'll need to know the IP address of your home router. However, IP addresses change each time you make a new connection to the Internet. To get around this, you'll need to have a static address - one that doesn't change, even when your home IP address does. The trick here is to use a DNS service. We recommend the free service offered at


Home Security systems

In Show 35, we also mentioned two systems that offer more complete home monitoring. Here's what we mentioned:

  • Alertme - Kit includes motion detector, door entry, alarm detector, keyfobs, but no camera. Details at

  • Myhome247 - Including a Panasonic BL-C1 Network Camera and a Wireless Door / Window Sensor. This service allows you to log on from a PC or mobile phone to check on your home while you're out. Full details at



Got a question on Internet cameras that we can answer in the next show? Call 020 8133 4567 or send us a message


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