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IPv6 - What You Need to Know!

The Internet relies on IP addresses - they're the Internet equivalent of postcodes... but we're running out. Here's the FrequencyCast guide to what you need to know about upcoming IPv6 changes.

Listen to FrequencyCast Show 62 - Our Look at IPv6 and how it affects you!

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First off - What is an IP address?

These are unique addresses used to identify servers and services on the Internet. Commonly, they look like: - This format is known as the IPv4 format.

So what's IPv6?

There can only be 4 billion or so IPv4 addresses, and we're running out. the replacement format is known as IPv6 (version 6). An IPv6 address looks like this: 36C4:2000:2176:2347:1A4:D6EF:B21E:42BC

And this is how you'd type it in to a web browser:

An IPv6 address

What's happening in June 2011?

There's an event called World IPv6 Day, on the 8th of June 2011, where there will be a number of tests across the Internet. It shouldn't affect the average web user. If you want to find out more, go to


Will the Internet break?

First off, it's important to understand that when we start to use IPv6 addresses, the IPv4 addresses will still work.

Browsers, routers, networks and web servers need to be upgraded to support the IPv6 address format, and as we progress, updates will be rolled out in readiness. If you're not IPv6 ready, existing services that you use will be fine - it's just new services that use IPv6 only that may be an issue for you.


Am I ready for IPv6?

Test out your browser, router and Internet provider here:


IPv6 Interview

Plusnet LogoYou might also be interested to hear our interview with Richard Fletcher, boss of Plusnet, for more on IPv6 in the UK: Plusnet IPv6 Interview


We covered IPv6 in Show 62 of our free podcast. No doubt we'll cover again, so consider subscribing to our free shows and newsletter


Any questions on IPv6?


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