HomeSight Vista Drivers available

Users of the low-cost home security system “Homesight” from will be pleased to know that manufacturer Motorola has now released drivers for the Windows Vista operating system.

The updated software is available from It’s available for download from Motorola Support and from the downloads section at MyHome247.

There’s more on Homesight on our Homesight page, or you can listen to Show 12 for our review.


  • Carlos

    hi, i cant get vista to recognize the wieless device, even with the new drivers it wont launch the application because it dont recognize it.

  • Juan Pablo

    Same Here, I install the software and drivers but I can’t get my computer to recognize the wireless device.

  • David

    I have given up with this product. It will not work with VISTA and Motorola are not interested. I will move on as they have.

  • Robert

    The vista drivers do not work and support is non-existent. I don’t know what kind of game Motorola was playing by pawning this product off on MyHomo247 (who make it seem you need their unnecessary service offerings) but there are no updates and support is non-existent for this product. The lack of support is despicable. Time, I guess, to crack the box open and hack the device.

    The product is very cool idea and has a huge potential market – trust Motorola to drop the ball on it.

  • I tried to install it on Windows 7 but the new software first removes the old drivers, fails to install the new vista drivers and then aborts the install as it can’t detect any drivers.

    A bit annoying but then the product isn’t making motorola any money now and they obviousley don’t want the hassle.

  • chris wilson

    Its a pile of shite u even have to pay to watch I online. Dont say that on the box does it

  • Vladimir G. Gagnidze

    Where i can download the soft Homesight? Oficial site ( is not work.
    Please help!

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