Podcast Audience Reseach – Official UK numbers released

Some interesting reading for UK podcasters. RAJAR, the firm that look after audience research for UK commercial and BBC radio stations, has released the results of their first survey into podcast listening.The survey took place in September and October 2007, and here are the highlights of their findings:

  • 1.8 million people in the UK listen to podcasts at least once a week
  • The average podcast listener subscribes to 3 podcasts
  • 80% of people listen on their home computer, and only 60% listen on a portable player
  • Listening: 80% of listeners listen at home, 25% in the car, 21% on public transport and 18% at work
  • Most listeners listen in the evening (7pm-midnight)
  • 66% of listeners use iTunes to get their podcasts
  • Of those that listen on an MP3 player, 32% have iPods, with Sony products coming in second
  • The three most subscribed to genres are: comedy, music and technology (good news for FrequencyCast, eh?)

You can find the full findings of RAJAR’s first UK Podcasting audience research at http://www.rajar.co.uk/


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