Lobster 700 / Movio TV ends

Lobster 700TV error messageOn the 31st January, the TV-over-DAB service, provided by BT Movio, was finally discontinued.

Users of Virgin Mobile’s Lobster 700TV handset, the only UK handset to offer TV-over-DAB, are now greeted by the message “this channel is not currently broadcasting” when they try to tune to a telly station. The phone still works perfectly well as a phone, and a pretty decent portable DAB radio

Shame to see this piece of history come to an end. Any comments? Was the world not ready for TV on a mobile, or was Movio flawed from the start?


  • jacyntha

    Thank you for publishing information about this marvelous phone. I found it of enormous help when I first acquired the phone (as a present for my sister), and since (when I pinched it back). Lastly for confirmation that the TV-over-DAB service was really and finally discontinued, however much I try to re-subscribe. Darn it!

  • Annonimous

    So what you r saying is i cant get TV anymore on my lobster 700tv
    because if thats true thats a joke thats unfair is ther any other way to get TV

  • William Lindsay

    What a con!
    I bought this phone for the TV access and DAB. TV now is dead and DAB appears to be heading into an uncertain future.
    What is the future fro this phone – surely not the dustbin(recycling I mean)?
    Is there a future for this phone?


    The only problem with this TV service on this phone was that it was chargable……. £5 per month …… It worked brilliantly….

  • chris

    My lobster 700 tv works perfectly

  • i plant

    any one want to sell there virgin lobster phone and head phone

  • Naomi

    How interesting that Virgin failed to update it’s customers of the Lobster TV with this info!! I didn’t use the TV after the initial 3 month free trial but had been considering paying for it again, now I see that is no longer an option! The DAB Radio is good though and I use that a lot – although it eats battery life. The Lobster TV Phone DAB radio may be the smallest and cheapest one available! And maybe that’s what will keep people interested in it. Sadly Virgin don’t do very good internet deals so watching over the net is too expensive on the phone for me.

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