FrequencyCast Show 112: Periscope and Smart Meters

Greetings from the team at FrequencyCast. This is to let you know that our June 2015 show is available for download, or to listen to online.

We apologise fo the slightly late arrival of this one – circumstances beyond our control – we hope it’s worth the wait!

For this show, Kelly and Pete experimented with a live broadcast on Periscope – Thanks to the 33 viewers who tuned in. Want us to try that again? Let us know!

What’s in Show 112:

Here’s what we cover in the latest episode of FrequencyCast:

  • News: Windows 10, Cortana, Google & Netflix
  • Focus: We’re live on Periscope for the first time
  • Featured: The cost of Smart Meters
  • Hands-on: Augmented reality cards
  • Interview: Tools for entrepreneurs
  • Feedback: More BBC radio and FM in Norway
Alice with Stella from Octagon Studio

Alice with Stella from Octagon Studio


How To Get The Show:

You can download Show 112 to your smartphone, computer or MP3 player, or you can listen to the show online at , where you will also find instructions on how to subscribe (for free, of course).

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Spread The Word

As you know, our shows are free. We rely on you, as a regular listener to FrequencyCast, to spread the word to your friends. Instead of paying for expensive advertising, we rely on word-of-mouth, and your recommendations are truly appreciated.

Until the next show… Share and Enjoy!

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