FrequencyCast Show 114: Windows 10, Apple Watch, Ultra HD TV and SkyQ

Greetings from the team at FrequencyCast. This is to let you know that our August 2015 show is available for download, or to listen to online.

What’s in Show 114:

Here’s what we cover in the latest episode of FrequencyCast:

  • News: Ultra HD channels, SkyQ, Angry Birds 2 and the HomTom
  • Focus: First look at Microsoft Windows 10
  • Discussed: Fitbit and Nike Fuelband Trackers
  • First Look: Living with the Apple Watch
  • Hands-on: Contactless Payment Explored
  • Discussed: Planned Obsolescence petition
  • Feedback: Smart meters, Gmail unsend and 4k TV

Windows 10 Desktop

How To Get The Show:

You can download Show 114 to your smartphone, computer or MP3 player, or you can listen to the show online at , where you will also find instructions on how to subscribe (for free, of course).

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One comment

  • Macjim

    Dear gang,
    Stop it! Stop saying hey sir! Doh, there it goes again… On your latest show, you kept saying hey Siri… Not again!… And my iPhone would turn off the podcast and Siri would reply in a puzzled way so… STOP IT, and don’t say hey Siri… Not again! argh!…

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