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FrequencyCast on your Mobile

Got a mobile? Add a little FrequencyCast! Details of how to install FrequencyCast onto your Smartphone


iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch App

Got an Apple device? We have our own dedicated application that runs on the iOS platform.

Using this free app, you can listen to the latest episode of FrequencyCast, see our latest news stories, read Pete and Carl's blog, and see our new TV and Tech guide entries as we add them.

To install our free app, go to the Apple iTunes store and search for "FrequencyCast". Alternatively, click this link: FrequencyCast App on iTunes.

FrequencyCast UK iPhone App
FrequencyCast iOS App - Main Screen

FrequencyCast UK iPhone App
FrequencyCast iOS App - Category View

Alternatively, FrequencyCast is available via the iOS Podcast application, or the various third-party podcast applications. You can also listen to our streaming radio service on applications such as TuneIn Radio and RadioBOX. Just search for FrequencyCast.


Google Android Phones

Google Android LogoUntil 2012, FrequencyCast had a dedicated Android application, however the providers of the application, Genwi, have ramped the price up to a staggering $1,200 a year for hosting the application, and that's something we just can't afford. We are looking for alternative options, but with limited budget and limited support from our listeners, it looks like this isn't an option for us just at the moment. HOWEVER...

Our shows and website are fully supported on the Android platform. You can subscribe to our shows and play them on your Android phone or tablet FREE. There are several free podcast players for Android, but we're quite keen on the free MyPOD podcast manager application from Google Play.

Select "Add and find feeds" and search for "FrequencyCast". You can then add our feed and have the application automatically download new shows as they're released.

myPOD search screen

FrequencyCast on myPOD
FrequencyCast playing in myPOD on Android

FrequencyCast on Android
Browsing FrequencyCast on Android

You can add our feed (below) to any of the podcasting applications on Android, or you can listen to us via our streaming radio service on free radio apps such as TuneIn Radio

Other Smartphones

If there is a podcast application available for your smartphone, you should be able to subscribe to and play our podcast easily. All you'll need is our feed address:

FrequencyCast Feeds

  • Subscribe to feed Our audio feed address is:
  • Our text news feed address is:
Or, we can email you when a show's released:

Our News section has been optimised for use on a number of smartphones, including Apple, Android and Blackberry devices. Go to

FrequencyCast on an iPhone

Podcasts on your mobile?

Looking to listen to our TV and Tech Podcasts on your mobile? These links may help:


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