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Gadget Insurance - Look After Your Tech

Losing your laptop, iPad or expense Sat Nav is not only a huge pain, it's also very costly. You might want to consider insuring your high tech stuff against loss, theft or damage. Here's some guidance...


Protecting your gadgets:

If you own a lot of tech kit, such as a tablet device, an iPhone, a laptop / notebook, sat nav, games console or a posh digital camera... you should think about a little protection.

Were not talking cases and screen cleaner here - we're talking... insurance.

OK - So, times are tough, gadgets are expensive. Who needs insurance? Fair point, and you might find that you're kit is already protected - you may have taken out an extended warranty when you purchased the kit, or your home insurance may cover your kit - but it's worth checking, and if necessary, talking out some extra insurance on anything you're likely to lose or break.

If you're not sure where to turn, or how much you can expect to pay - take a look at Protect Your Bubble


Protect Your Bubble

Protect Your Bubble ScreenshotIf you're keen to protect your tech, you might want to consider Protect Your Bubble, an online firm offering protection for your gadgets.

With Protect Your Bubble, you can cover your iPods / iPhone, laptop, mobile phone, sat nav, digital camera and other gadgets. You're covered worldwide for accidental damage, theft and breakdown on all insured gadgets (excepting laptops for breakdown). You also get cover for accidental loss of mobile phones and PDAs. Protect Your bubble claim to replace items within 48 hours of a successful claim.

Tailor your policy to your electronic gadgets with three levels of cover available. If you're interested, get a free quote online at


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