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Our Mystery Talking Gadget Revealed

In our look at gadgets and gifts for the festive season, we teased you all with one rather unusual item. As promised, here's a closer look at the talking and waterproof gadget reviewed in our seasonal special.


FrequencyCast's Festive Shopping:

In November 2011, Kelly, Pete and Carl went out and about to find some Christmas gadgets - check out our Festive Gadgets Special. As we're little teases here - we gave you a few clues as to what a certain mystery item was, to see if you could guess.

Listen to FrequencyCast Update - November 2011 Festive Gadget Ideas

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on this page, we put our listeners out of their mystery, and reveal what the object was (as if you really hadn't guessed!). Here, we take a closer look at the mystery Christmas gift, so lovingly shown to Carl by the gorgeous Kim.


Demonstrating the Product

Here's Kim, showing off the product we covered in our November seasonal gift update:

Kim, modelling The Full Product

Yep - it's seven inches of plastic comedy. It's the "Bad Vibes" Talking 'toy'... a.k.a. "Ever-Ready Freddy". Here's Kelly, with the product:

Kelly, holding Freddie

Bad Vibes Up Close


Bad Vibes:

When you open the box, the slightly naff American male voice will play one of the four pre-programmed bits of audio. Phrases are as follows:

  • 'Go away, I've got a headache'
  • 'Sorry, I have to get up early tomorrow'
  • 'Mmm, you're looking cute tonight honey' 
  • 'Hell, can't you get a real man?'

Ever Ready Freddy in his box

At the time of recording, Freddy wasn't available via the but they were in stock at their Lakeside store. We've also found them at a site called ThePresentShop

We hope you found our little mystery gadget audio amusing., . We sure had fun recording it


Bonus Material

Want to hear a longer version? Here's the not-for-transmission Director's Cut!

OFF THE RECORD - Festive Season Mystery Gadget (Director's Cut)

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