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Gift Gadget Round-up, from FrequencyCast

In response to a listener request, we thought we'd give you some ideas on some top gadgets that you might like to add to this year's shopping list. Kelly, Carl and Pete hit the shops to see what's out there.

Listen to FrequencyCast Update - November 2011 Festive Gadget Ideas

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FrequencyCast's Gadget Outing:

Pete, Carl, and guest Kelly went out and about on your behalf looking for some top gadgets for your seasonal shopping list. Here's our audio guide to what we found, plus some photos and links:

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Top Tech Gadgets

First off, Pete and Carl looked at some of the top gadgets we've reviewed recently, and are in our FrequencyCast studio:


WD Elements Play 1TB Multimedia Drive

Top choice for network storage and media streaming. Connect to your network and store photos, music and video for playback on your HD TV. Available from £110 from Amazon and Currys

WD Live Media Hub

Amazon Kindle

Top eBook reader from the online giant. See our UK Kindle Review, or get one here: Amazon Kindle


They're great. We love 'em. Get one with a camera in too, such as the Silverlit Spy Cam Remote Control Helicopter (Available from Menkind). Both Pete and Carl have a Micron Helicopter, which are a good laugh too.

Sky Camera Helicopter

Baofeng UV-3R Ham Radio

One for the amateur radio operators such as our Pete. Get a dual-band 2m/70cm handheld radio for around £30. Full details and a review here: Baofeng UV-3R Review.

SWAP Watch

Carl's personal favourite. He goes on about them often enough. Get a mobile phone in a watch. More: SWAP Watch Range

Monitoring brain activity with Neurosky

iPhone 4S

This is Pete's current gadget of choice. He's a big Siri fan. Hear our iPhone 4S and Siri review


Hawkins Bazaar

We had great fun wandering around the home of weird and whacky toys and games - Hawkins Bazaar. We found a few gadgets too. Here are the highlights:

  • Spinsters and Can toy racing car
  • Spider catcher
  • Build own crystal set
  • Carl's toy ray gun
  • The Giggling Lion
  • Fairies and Flying Saucers

You can shop at Hawkins Bazaar online at and pick up any of the stuff we reviewed in our Update!

Kelly and the monkey
Kelly and her monkey

Hawkins Bazaar


Electronic Dictionary Bookmark

Ever been reading a book (with long words)? What you need a an electronic bookmark that's a dictionary. Thin, and priced around £17. The Dictionary Bookmark, by a company called IF, is available from Amazon , Waterstones and Gizoo

Electronic Bookmark Dictonary

Swarovski Crystal USB stick pen

One for the ladies - Kelly fell in love with the stylish Swarovski USB Pen - a sexy pen that hides a USB memory stick - priced £56 from the Swarovski Online Store

Swarovski USB Pen
Swarovski USB Pen, around £55 from


Menkind - Lads Gadget Shop

We found some truly impressive tech at Menkind. Gadget stuff included:

  • Pogo Portable Photo Printer
  • Vuzi Wrap iWear video glasses - watch your iPod and iPhone videos in private
  • Spy gadgets, such as the spy camera pen, car key fob, and the watch spy camera
  • Joke golf balls - Under £3 for gifts that will wind up your family golfing nut
  • Leatherman tools
  • Survival kits, for the outdoors person
  • Paper Aeroplane notepad
  • Marmite chocolate (It's just wrong!)
  • Paper watches
  • World's smallest Walkie talkies
Vuzi Wrap 280XL Video Glasses
Vuzi Wrap 280XL Video Glasses
Tiny Walkie Talkies
World's Smallest Walkie Talkies
Mayhem Spy Video Keyring
Mayhem Spy Video Keyring
Bear Grylls Survival Kit
Bear Grylls Survival Kit
Thumbs Up Spy Watch
Thumbs Up Spy Watch
The Paper Watch
The Paper Watch

Find the gadgets reviewed here

Take a look at to see their range and to pick up any of the items we covered here!

Menkind Gifts and Gadgets


Our Mystery Gadget

As promised, here's the lovely Kim modelling the talkative little gadget...

Kim, modelling The Product

We're sure you can guess what's going on here, but in case you can't - see the Mystery Gadget Revealed


More Top Gadgets

In our December show, Show 70, we looked at three other top gadgets:

Livescribe Echo Dictation Pen

An Ideal present for students and business professionals - this records audio as you write, and you can play back the audio just by tapping on your handwriting. It combines an infrared camera, audio recorder and a speaker. Notes and sound can also be transferred to a computer, where it can be searched and converted to editable text.

See our Livescribe Pulse Pen Review or listen to Show 70 for more.

£91 at the time of recording from

Livescribe Echo Pen

Wireless Professional Weather Station

Forget those little indoor weather stations that give you temperature and pressure - you can now get a clever professional weather station that logs your garden's weather and uploads live data to the Internet. A great hobby product that's easy to set up, and it great for anyone with an interest in the weather. Check out Pete's weather data at

See our Weatherstations Explored page for a review, or hear us discussing this in show 70.

On special for £70 at Maplin at the time of recording

USB Weather Station

Gear4 Unity Infrared Remote Controller

Got an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad? Use your Apple device to control your home TV and video systems. The UnityRemote uses Bluetooth to talk to a special controller. Elegant solution with a free app to set up the commands. A huge bank of remote control codes makes it easy to set up, and this beats many of the more expensive universal remote controls on the market. As discussed in our December show, show 70.

Priced £63 from at time of recording

Gear4 Unity Remote



Listen to FrequencyCast Update - November 2011 Festive Gadget Ideas

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FrequencyCast vs Marmite Chocolate

Hands up if you like chocolate? Who doesn't?

Like Marmite? Ahh - hands going down now.

Well, the Very Peculiar Marmite Chocolate is something of a challenge. If you're brave, get some from Menkind - We'd love to know if there's actually anyone out there that find this stuff enjoyable...

Marmite Chocolate
Marmite Very Peculiar Chocolate
Kelly, after the Marmite Chocolate
Kelly - not a fan!


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