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Micron Mini Helicopter Review

Played with a small indoor remote controlled helicopter before? Sure. But this one actually does what you'd expect - unlike many in it's class, it has three channels for an extra level of control


Finally, I'm in control

Our Carl gets hands-on with this tiny remote controlled helicopter:

Personally, I can't think of a better toy than a remote controlled helicopter. They look impressive in the air, they're lots of fun, and with some practice, they can do some serious aerial activity. I've had micro helicopters in the past, and been disappointed, but this one, which I saw this one in action at the Gadget Show Live, and was hooked.

Micron Helicopter

Now I know these have been around for some time but this one is truly different. I was given one of the older models for Christmas about 2 - 3 years ago but this is the real thing. If you have ever experienced one of the original models you will know they are lots of fun although I always found it was a little hit and miss with regards to actual control. Sure you could make it take-off, crash land, bump into things, maybe even the odd graceful landing and occasionally even get the impression that you had actually manipulated its flight significantly enough to get it from point A to point B, within 2 metres or so.

This is the one though. A fully functional helicopter that you can really control, navigating with precision from one point to another by purposely hovering and turning with an ability to go forwards and backwards, landing and taking-off again with ease. With its detailed instruction manual which is quick and easy to understand but thoroughly informative identifying and naming each and every component of the model which makes for interesting reading for a model enthusiast as well as a curious kid if so inspired.

I particularly liked the translation into English from Chinese? or Japanese? on the front "set the switch to ON when ready to fly put the helicopter on floor, when the light keep lighting from flashing, you can fly it. This Process Need 3-5 Second." Maybe its just me but this sounds really cool if you say it with a Chinese accent.

Absolutely fantastic toy I love it.

Micron Helicopter Control

What's in the box

  • Helicopter
  • Controller
  • USB charger lead
  • Four spare propeller blades (two large blades two small propellers)
  • 16 page detailed comprehensive instruction pamphlet (English part only 8 pages)


Micro Helicopter Summary


Flight time over 5 minutes. I found this a good flight time just long enough to master your flying techniques and enjoy your new skills before the potential of boredom therefore encouraging you to want to charge up again straight away.

Good slick looking design. The older helicopters on the market looked good at the time but this has a really cool aesthetic. With a good little pilots cab painted in a sophisticated metallic paint finish in several different designs/colours, multicoloured flashing lights, twin main propellers and a small back propeller all mounted on an alloy frame. It's at one with it's identity, It knows it's a miniature helicopter and not some sort of techno Wasp or Dragonfly.

Sturdy structure. Previous models have mainly utilized forms of plastic and polystyrene in their construction in order to aid the science behind flight ability, flight time and durability I presume, however whilst I have never witnessed someone break one of them through carelessness they always seemed to be delicate and flimsy, a sort of 'Handle with care' approach has to be taken with them. Although on closer inspection this design also uses a large percentage of plastic these appear to be more appropriate to functionality as opposed to performance necessity e.g. the landing legs made of plastic ridged with a degree of springiness to embrace landing and take-off, cockpit cover plastic to protect the mechanics and circuits but also restrict damage to objects it might collide with. What really gives this one a feeling of robust, sturdy strength is its Alloy frame. Obviously you still have to be cautious of the tiny parts but it feels a little more resilient to the odd bit of clumsiness.


Charge time approximately 20-25 minutes, and it really is.

Micron 3-channel helicopter UK availability:

These appear to be badged differently and available under lots of different names. The one we got is called the Micron 3 Channel Gyro RC Helicopter:

Other helicopters are available from Menkind

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