FrequencyCast Show 119: Review of 2015, Jim Bacon and Power Cuts

Happy New Year from Kelly, Pete and the team at FrequencyCast! Let’s hope it’s set to be a great of tech!

The first show of 2016 has just been released, a couple of days later than planned, due to a very busy start to the New Year. In this show, we take a look back at the last 12 months of tech and make a few predictions – not only about the future, but about the weather.

What’s in Show 119:

Here’s what we cover in the latest episode of FrequencyCast:

  • News: BBC hacked, EE recall and AVG issues
  • Focus: Tech Review of 2015
  • Discussed:Weather with Jim Bacon
  • Discussed: Hyperlocal crowdsourcing
  • Feedback: Power cuts and Pi VPNs
Pete interviewing meteorologist Jim Bacon

Pete interviewing meteorologist Jim Bacon

How To Get The Show:

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