FrequencyCast UK Show 121: Facebook, Girls in tech, Snapchat and adjustable eyewear

Our March 2016 show is available for download, or to listen to online – a couple of days later than normal, but it’s been a very busy week for us. In this month’s show, Pete and Kelly chat about social media, explore what happens at electronics fairs, and look at how women in tech are treated – we hope you enjoy the show!

What’s in Show 121:

Here’s what we cover in the latest episode of FrequencyCast:

  • News: DAB Channels, Pi3 & no more Nook
  • Discussed: All change for Facebook Like
  • Focus: Girls in Tech
  • Out-and-About: Electronics Fair
  • Discussed: Paper-thin lenses
  • Interview: Eyejusters reading glasses
  • Discussed: Snapchat updates
  • Help us: Show your support – make a donation!
  • Feedback: Record on a Macbook & Marshmallow

How To Get The Show:

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One comment

  • Ron Sykes

    Can you advise if it possible to replace the multipin connector on my Raymarine C80 plotter on my boat? I managed to bend a couple of pins when inserting my Navionics electronic chart on a Scandisk compact flash card. The plotter costs around 1,000 pounds and I obviously do not want to replace it. Tried bending the pins back with tweezers but found it too difficult.

    Love your show and keep it coming.

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