• Steve Orridge

    Nice to hear from you guys. Always kept checking my feeds to see if you had made a comeback. Miss your shows. They always seemed to be over so quickly and your broadcasts were always the first I listened to after downloading my podcasts. So, when are you coming back?

  • Andrew Malloy

    Great to hear you again, missed you guys.
    Would love to hear FrequencyCast come back, loads of developments in tech since you last posted, especially in the world of smart home tech.

  • Kev Jewison

    Blimey, here’s a blast from the past.
    Always loved hearing from you two so get the old mic dusted off and give us some new pods please.

  • Alan

    Good to hear from F.C. again…

    The feed that got me listening to podcasts many moons ago…and once persuaded me to buy a Blackberry Playbook that has been gathering dust ever since! :-)

  • MartyM

    Yes, still here waiting for the next episode.
    I must admit I’d reluctantly removed FrequencyCast from my podcast list, but still had you on Twitter. Would love to hear the podcast again.

  • John Clegg

    Frequencycast always made BBC Click seem show and ponderous. It would be great to have you back.

  • Peter petersen


  • Paul Stone

    Woah….like an old pal that you’ve lost touch with meeting on a platform somewhere.

    Are you back? You’re coming back, right?

  • James Mounsey

    Wow. Bit of a blast from the past :)

    It would be cool to have you guys back only podcast list.


  • Dave Woodward

    Looking forward to new episodes.

    Welcome back

  • Mark Garnett

    Yes we’re still out here…

  • Peter


  • Stephen Goulding

    Yes missed you guys

  • Ian

    What’s with all the +s instead of spaces

  • Ian


  • Francis Edwards

    In answer to your question .. yes I’d love to have you back!

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