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FrequencyCast UK - Show 97

The show notes to go with Show 97 of our technology radio show.

Listen to, or download, FrequencyCast Show 97 (31 mins)

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Show 97 NEWS

Here's a look at the news stories covered in Show 97:

  • Virgin Media LogoVirgin Media Speed Boost: Good news and bad news for Virgin media customers. If you're with Virgin, your broadband speeds is about to get a free boost their maximum speed increases from 120 to 152 Mbps. The bad news for some, is that Virgin has become the last of the big ISP's to introduce the controversial adult content filter

  • Mobile World Congress: The annual tech conference in Barcelona has come to an end - The Samsung Galaxy S5 was announced (water resistant, fingerprint reader and heartrate monitor. Also, lots of news on smartwatches and fitness trackers. One interesting development is the announcement of a smartphone camera system that offers better zooming by combining images from two cameras

  • Airbourne Virus: Next Well done to the University of Liverpool. They've invented an airbourne computer virus that spreads over wi-fi Called Chameleon, it hops across wireless access points and avoids detection by anti-virus software. Thanks guys just what we need. They're probably going to start work on digital wasps next...

  • Disney Movie App: If you have a small person in your house, note that the new Display Movies Anywhere service has launched, with over 400 titles. Many new Disney DVDs include a code for a free digital version, and you can use this free iOS app to access digital movies

  • Fitbit ForceFitbit Force Recall: Those waiting patiently for the new Fitbit Force wearable tracker may have a longer wait the product was launched in the US a few weeks back, and they've all been recalled, after many users have been reporting rashes and irritation from the silicon wriststrap activity tracker.

  • New BT YouView Box: BT has announced a new YouView box, the new BT YouView+ box is significantly smaller, quieter and faster. Free to new BT TV customers now. BT has also added some extra HD channels, Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, British Eurosport and British Eurosport 2 - meaning that BT's service now offers 26 channels over YouView.

  • Your Name in Space: Next fancy a trip into space? NASA is giving you the chance to have not name sent into space, etched on a chip to be loaded onto the Osaris Rex probe on its way to the Bennu comet. Over a million names made it to Mars in a similar project, so get your name registered today for a tiny piece of space history:

  • And Finally: Remember the good old dot matrix printer? Well, if you've ever wondered what Survivor's Eye of the Tiger would sound like if it have been performed on a dot matrix printer, and who hasn't, now's your chance. Check out this YouTube clip:

Gadget Show Live 2014We have five pairs of tickets to give away to lucky FrequencyCast listeners. The show is at the NEC in Birmingham, and Gadget Show Live is a great place to check out cutting-edge tech, gadgets and games. Tickets are valid on the 9th, 10th or 11th of April 2014 only.

Competition now closed

More details on this year's show, and tickets here:

FOCUS: Dragon's Den

In the current series, two of the gadgets we've covered have been featured. Remember, you heard them here first!


This neatly solves the problem of trying to use a mouse on your lap, or on any uneven surface. Catch our interview with Slouchmat's creator here: Slouchmat, the Mouse Mat.

Slouchmat Mouse Mat
Slouchmat - The sits-anywhere mouse mat

Energy EGG Electricity Saver

An egg-shaped sensor that's designed to save on your electricity bill. Made by TreeGreen, these switch off your appliances when you leave the room. See our energyEGG Review for the full interview.

EnergyEGG Sensor and Plug

Transcript: FrequencyCast Show 97


FIRST LOOK: Lytro Camera

No need to focus with this next-generation camera - the photos have to be seen to be believed - Take a look at some of the pictures at

Lytro camera
Lytro 8MB Camera- Photos without the need to focus


Transcript: FrequencyCast Show 97


FEATURED: Smartbell Doorbell

Never have to rush to the door again - this doorbell can be answered from anywhere in the world over the mobile phone newtwork

Smartbel Intelligent Doorbell
The Smartbel Connected Doorbell - Available now from Amazon

Transcript: FrequencyCast Show 97


FEATURED: Light Switch Timer

We took a look at a clever light switch adapter that can help to keep your home secure, and save on your energy - convert your existing light switches to timers...Details at

Light Switch Timer - Shot 03

Transcript: FrequencyCast Show 97


DISCUSSED: Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime now includes 15,000 movies - In this show we look at whether it's worth "going prime" with Amazon - Find out more here: Amazon Instant Video

Amazon Instant Video
Find out more about free unlimited video streaming: Amazon Instant Video

Transcript: FrequencyCast Show 97



We looked at two smartphone apps - the DocScanner app for the iPhone, and the Nude 3D scanner for Android. Kelly wasn't impressed with the latter!

Transcript: FrequencyCast Show 97


DISCUSSED: Amateur Radio News

If you're an amateur radio operator, check out the new amateur radio TV show, TX Factor.

Also, check out our video of Kelly at Kempton Rally: Amateur Radio Kempton Rally 2013 Video


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Cast 97: Interaction

Thanks to everyone who got in touch with us since the last show. In this show, we respond to the following mails and calls:

Powerline vs Broadband

The first question came in from John Tyndall:

"Are you aware of any problems with a powerLine adapter interfering with DSL connectivity? We just purchased a powerline adapter which causes the DSL modem to drop its connection after about 5 minutes, and the powerline adapter must be disconnected to restore service..."

Powerline adapters do generate RF radio signals that can cause interference to radio receivers and electronic equipment. It could be that the signal is upsetting the router, although I've not heard of this before. Watch the router to see if it's a power reset or the line dropping. Experiment with moving the router and tidying your wiring, as the cables could be picking up interference. Anyone with any ideas on this? Please get in touch...

Cheaper Video Streaming

Web Dude is back with a comment on the last show:

"Have to respond to Roger Rowe regading use of broadband data with IPTV... Plus.Net charges some of the lower prices for fibre and broadband, and their 'unlimited' data allowance prices are again some of the cheapest.

As Roger has a Samsung Note 2, then an extra fiver a month is surely affordable - the Note 2, second hand on Ebay, seems to be from 220 to 400 pounds (and no doubt the monthly contract with most networks is 30-50 quid. I have the Three SIM Only "One Plan" at 15 pounds a month with unlimited data, and tethering, and also use the Plus.Net unlimited broadband account (fibre when it arrives). Some months on my 10 Mbps landline connection I've downloaded around 350 GB, and PN charge me less than a tenner. OK, Roger might be in a more rural area, where the cost is a bit higher, but in that case, get an unlimited data deal from Three if they serve the area at home or work, and download with that!

This message via my Three connection (in use from my iMac at home). "

Comments on Life Logging

Staying with the last show, Ian Coxall has this to say on the subject of "Life Logging":

"I do wonder sometimes, if you spend your day, nay - your life logging and recording all that you do, just WHEN is it proposed that you would ever find time to watch it all again? Not to mention the daily 'Logging' activity that you very much would NOT want recorded."

Windows XP Support

Ian also asks:

"With the support of XP stopping in April, I am looking into installing Windows 7. Having browsed through Amazon and eBay it seems there is a plethora of choices to be considered. Some assistance here would be useful. And feel free to use detailed techno-babble if you want to."

There are six versions of Windows 7 - Windows Home Premium (unless multiple PCs on a network), 64bit version is recommended if your PC has a 4GB or more of RAM, and a CPU that supports a 64 bit OS. The upgrade version is cheaper, assuming you have a legal version of Windows XP. More info: Tech Radar - Which version of Windows 7?


Got a comment or question? You can leave us a voicemail by calling 020 8133 4567 or sending us a message. We'd love to hear from a few more of you, so please get in touch and say "hi" - our shows are driven by your feedback - So talk to us!


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