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The FrequencyCast Furry Sidekick

A small number of listeners have reported hearing purring in our radio shows, and in some shows, we've made mention of our cat, the FrequencyCast Cat. He's now knows as our "furry sidekick"...


About Our Frequency Cat:

He's a black and white rescue moggy, originally found lurking at a nearby KFC (he's got good taste!)

He's a big chunky cat, and he's often in the office while we're working on our shows. He's particularly attached to our Pete - and has earned the nickname of Pete's Furry Sidekick.


Furry Sidekick?

He's been referred to as "Pete's Sidekick" or "Pete's Shadow" in the past, but the name "Furry Sidekick" has stuck, after a random Tweet from Suzi Perry, one of the presenters on Channel 5's Gadget Show.

Here are a few pics of our cat, getting paws-on with some gadgets...

This is us interviewing him when we reviewed the Loc-8-tor tracker (Show 09), seen here around his neck

Furry Sidekick Pic 01

He's quite partial to stopping the team working, by sleeping on one of the desks - normally a sign that he's hungry of in need of some attention.

Furry Sidekick Pic 02

Whilst Pete and Carl are keen to unbox new gadgets - the furry sidekick himself prefers to experience the packaging material. Paper bags, and the large cardboard boxes from Firebox are his favourites, but as you see here, he's quite partial to the odd LG box now and again...

Furry Sidekick Pic 03

We're often out and about, exploring things such as walkie talkie range, or tech hobbies such as Geocaching. Our cat's not adverse to outdoor events too - here he is helping to review solar lights - or should that be (wait for it...) snowlar lights...

Furry Sidekick Pic 04

Mousemats must, apparently, be mouse-free. And he's here to enforce that policy:

Furry Sidekick Pic 05

For Show 58, we looked at retro eighties gadget Big Trak. We recorded the show, and our cat was far from impressed:

Big Trak annoys Frequency Cat

Carl is allergic to cats, so tends not to socialise with the cat that often. The cat's not much of a fan of Carl either - especially when Carl cracks one of his now legendary cheesy jokes...

Furry Sidekick Pic 06

Suzi Perry?

... has her own furry sidekick, according to a tweet in September 2011- His name is Gingi

No pic of her cat, but here's a picture of Suzi, in the grey, taken at the press day at Gadget Show Live 2011

Gadget Show Presenters

UPDATE: Suzi Perry tells us about her furry sidekick!

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