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ShrinkMyTunes Info

ShrinkMyTunes is a service that claims to be able to expand your MP3 player's capacity by up to 4 times, so your 4 gig Creative or iPod will be able to carry 16 gigs worth of music.

The FrequencyCast podcast team takes a look at ShrinkMyTunes and find out what this product's all about...


What is ShrinkMyTunes?

Get 4 times more storage space on your MP3 player? Really? How is this miracle achieved? Through use of clever audio compression.

ShrinkMyTunes is a piece of software that significantly reduces the size of MP3 files, allowing you to fit up to 4 times more music on your iPod, MP3 player or mobile phone. According to their blurb, they use patented compression technology and mathematical modeling to compress your MP3, MP3Pro and WAV files. Compression takes around 30 seconds per track.

You decide whether you want to shrink your entire music collection or specific tracks. Shrunk tunes retain their MP3 format and can be played on any MP3 player and in iTunes, keeping all tags and playlists in place.

ShrinkMyTunes UK Availability

Available now.


Cassette to MP3: Stuck with stacks of cassettes in a box taking up space? Never listen to them, but daren't throw away those precious audio memories? Well, give those old C60 and C90 audio cassettes a new lease of life by copying them to MP3 format.

Get the USB twin cassette deck version from Firebox, Argos and Maplin, which comes with all the stuff you need, and plugs into a spare USB port on your PC


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