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FrequencyCast - Listener Info & Stats

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At FrequencyCast, we love our audience - they interact with our shows, they help spread the word, and they're happy to tell us what they think. Here are some stats on the listeners to the FrequencyCast UK podcast.


To help us to understand what our listeners think, and who visits our site, we ask listeners to complete our survey.

We'd like to thank all of those listeners that have taken the tome to get in touch with their comments. Here are the results so far, plus some numbers from our website stats...


How old are our listeners?

One of the more interesting stats from out listener survey - we were keen to get a feel for the average age of listeners to our podcast. Here's a graph of the results submitted by our listeners:

How old are our listeners

How techie are our listeners?

To make sure we're pitching our show at the right level, we're also keen to get a feel for the level of technical knowledge that our listeners have. It seems that the majority are "a bit techie".

Technical level of audience

How do listeners get our shows?

There are lots of ways that the FrequencyCast listeners can tune in to our shows. It seems that by far the largest portion of our listeners find us and listen to us through Apple's iTunes. We're also available online via our website, on your mobile phone, as a streaming radio service, and we're syndicated to a number of UK radio stations too.

How do you listen


We next asked you for your enjoyment level, and the good news, is that most of the results show 5 out of 5. We're also interested to know which part of the show you most enjoy. For each part of the show, we asked "do you like this or now. Here are the results

Satisfaction Survey

Looks like your favourite part of the show is News, and you're least keen on Interaction. Duly noted!


Our show RSS feed?

Listeners can get new shows via our RSS feed. Here's the breakdown of what systems access that feed

Time of day

When do our visitors visit?

We looked at our server logs to see what time of day you visit...

Time of day

What web browser do our visitors use?

Looking at stats for previous years, we've seen a steady decline in traffic from Internet Explorer browsers. Internet Explorer is still top, but loosing dominance:

Web Browser Trends

What operating system do our visitors use?

In the last two years, we've seen a 5% swing from PCs to Macs, but Windows OS continues to be king, as far as traffic to our site:

Breakdown of operating systems

Do you get our newsletter?

We send one of two emails a month to listeners, when a new show's released. We have a separate survey on communication. We asked whether listeners are signed to our newsletter:



What do our audience say about us?

A handful of words from our listeners:

  • Really like the idea of keeping informed about so many issues that interest me and I'm sure many others. The not overly technical approach is what is needed. Real techies will look elsewhere.
  • I use it as a introduction to new before seeking specialist info. You are a bit 'Tomorrows World' but more interesting & very laid back!
  • I like it because i am listening to someone who speaks my language
  • I love the banter between Carl and Pete and the really bad jokes
  • More mobile tech, netbook stuff, maybe a retro corner (ZX81 and other vintage computing, handy hacks, maybe how to convert your old Xbox to be a media center, that sorta thing). Keep up the good work!
  • I like the reviews on anything you are covering for the particular month. There is always something in the content that i didn`t know, but understand after listening to the show. Fantastic keep it coming guys
  • It is well produced, no errs and umms, well informed, doesn't sounds geeky, is entertaining.
  • I would like a special guide to the mysterious Pete and Carl
  • Always a pleasant surprise when the next on arrives via Juice.
  • Keep it focused as it is now - UK TV and media related. Avoid covering the tech and issues available elsewhere unless there is a direct UK angle to it. The topics covered and focus is excellent. As a new Humax Freesat PVR owner I am interested particularly in Freest issues. Thanks for your hard work, it is appreciated!
  • You seem pro sky, and although sky offers a lot of choice it does at a cost. More about non sky HD.
  • You need a guest besides just the two of you. Even if it's Carl's mum or Pete's best mate. Another voice, like a woman for example. I guess getting someone off the Gadget show would be a tall costly exercise.
  • don't change it too much its all good the way it is.
  • I stumbled across you by accident - what a happy one!


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