FrequencyCast Show 72: Fitness Tech & Netflix

FrequencyCast LogoFrequencyCast Show 72 has just been released, and we’ve packed quite a lot into the latest episode of your regular free technology podcast.

Here’s a look at just some of what we’re covering in our February show:

  • News Updates: A new phone with a novel power source, upgrades in store for Virgin customers, three video-on-demand stories, an amazing price-cut on the Blackberry tablet, plus the fate of the leap-second
  • Focus: We look at a selection of the latest wireless fitness products, and some applications that will help you stay in shape in 2012
  • First look: We get some help from a guest listener to take a look at the just-launched Netflix service
  • Review: Probably the oddest beverage accessory we’ve ever seen, plus a peak into Pete’s kitchen
  • Feedback: Problems with Virgin speed, your complaints, plus the hunt for a Freesat/Freeview set-top box

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  • david

    Hi, good show as usual. Please don’t get the hump cos’ folks point out your mistakes, you asked for feedback.

    The apps you mentioned are also on the windows phone platform for your listeners not on iwagon. Please mention them and research the platform other offerings.

    Netflix is huge in the states and has recent titles, its new to the UK so its limited for now. Lovefilm has all recent stuff and games and bluesy, all for max £9.99

    • I guess we were hoping for some suggestions for topics for future shows, or questions for the next show…

      Any chance of a list of the apps you think we missed? We’ll try to correct this month’s shortcomings in the next show…

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