Celebrating 2MT – The Birth of Wireless

This month sees an historic milestone – 95 years since the birth of broadcasting in the UK.

On the 14th of February 1922, an experimental radio station, with the callsign of 2MT (2 Emma Toc) took to the airwaves from a small hut in Writtle, Essex. To commemorate this, radio enthusiast Jim Salmon is launching an online radio station called Radio Emma Toc. This will include documentaries, interviews and a live transmission from the original hut.

Here’s an interview with the station’s creator, Jim Salmon:

FrequencyCast Update – 95th anniversary of 2MT, Writtle

The pioneering radio engineers back in the 1920s were led by Captain Peter Pendleton Eckersley, and the 2MT station broadcast “regularly” every Tuesday evening for 30 minutes a week. What started as a request for a station for ‘calibration purposes’ for the fast growing number of radio hams, transformed into an entertainment programme like none before.

Radio Emma Toc LogoIf you’re interested in radio, have a listen to Internet radio service ‘Radio Emma Toc’, where you’ll hear radio-related documentaries, vintage comedies, & 5 hours of live programming each day including a visit to the long low hut.
For details of Radio Emma Toc, including how to listen and the three-day schedule, go to www.emmatoc.com

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