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FrequencyCast UK - Show #01

The contents of the first show

In the first FrequencyCast Podcast, you'll be introduced to Carl (the technophobe and the last man in Britain not to own a mobile phone), and Pete, the technologist (or "geek" if you will).

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Here's what you'll find in FrequencyCast #01:


A brief look at what we can expect from Hi-Def TV in the UK, and more on the BBC's plans for the first HD content. Footy fans will be gearing up for an expensive summer as they start buying new HD tellies, and signing up to Sky or Virgin Media (formerly Telewest) to make the most of new crisp clean images.

Sky HD Box

Pictured above is the Sky HD Box, which offer's the widest range of digital HD channels, and has a built-in digital recorder. HD TV in the UK

The wi-fi bunny

The NabaztagGot a wi-fi network at home? Then get a wireless bunny! Apparently, your life won't be complete without one of these 21st century online furbies - they connect into an existing wireless network, download your music and emails, and perform a whole load of useful features, while keeping you entertained with their cute little faces, little flashing light, and wiggling ears. Carl and Pete ran through the spec of the wabbit on the first show, and they plan to take a more detailed look when they're able to adopt one first hand.

For more on the unpronounceable Nabaztag and where to get your hands on them, check out gadget site They're also available from

Update- We now have a Nabaztag - more on our Nabaztag page

News From Sky TV Sky Digital is offering their top package at the discounted price of £10 for the first 3 months, plus a £10 credit when ordered online. Free installation and digibox. Offer was valid at the time of recording, but has now expired. Check out the latest offer at

TVMax launches April 2006 Broadband webhosting firm Namesco offer a set-top box that's capable of receiving the 50 Freeview TV and radio channels, and has a built-in PVR disk recorder. The box is made by NetGem (makers of the iPlayer+). TVMax will also offer a "catch up TV" service, as well as access to over 30,000 podcasts (please can we add ours?).

For more details, go to Namesco's site.


Tune in just to hear how to pronounce IPTV, and how to confuse a Carl. IPTV represents TV over the Internet and will be competing for the top spot of 2006's most important TV four-letter-acronym.

IPTV will let you access a range of TV content using your Broadband connection, allowing you to download TV shows that you've missed, get movies on demand, and do a whole range of clever stuff. In the show, we look at what IPTV is, and what the major players are up to:


This is the part of the show where we'll be talking to our listeners and site visitors. As it's the first one, and Skype has only just finished plumbing in our special phone line, we didn't have any calls or emails to run through, so we had a quick look in our forums for a couple of discussions:

  • Speed Cameras - If you own a GPS SatNav unit, such as the excellent TomTom One, you can add a database of safety cameras onto the device and get a nice little warning beep when you're in danger of being naughty. If you're interested in installing the camera database, there's a handy set of instructions on the TomTom Camera page.
  • Bye-Bye Men & Motors? - ITV has announced that any day now, it may be scrapping it's lads channel Men & Motors from the Freeview channel lineup, and replacing it with ITV Play, a new games channel. In the Radio and Telly forum, there's been a poll running - last time we looked, 83.3% of visitors said - "NO MORE QUIZ CHANNELS!". More


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