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Plusnet - Good Honest Broadband

Focus on: Plusnet, the UK Broadband Service

The FrequencyCast team takes a look at the Internet Service Provider Plusnet, to find out what they offer British Broadband users


About Plusnet

Plusnet LogoWith so many Internet Providers out there competing for our business, it's good to see at least one UK broadband provider offering to provide a decent service with two key benefits: Price and Support.

Plusnet has a decent reputation for providing a reliable service, and here are some of their key benefits:

  • No annual contract
  • Speeds of up to 16 Mbps (or up to 38 Mbps on their fibre service)
  • Unlimited uncapped downloads overnight
  • A Yorkshire call centre, 24 hours a day

The UK support team, plus the option to leave with just 10 days notice (unlike 18 months with some providers!) makes Plusnet an attractive alternative to the other mainstream providers - as does the price.

There are three packages on offer, the basic Value Package, an Extra Package (with a higher monthly download allowance), and a Fibre package offering faster net access.

The actual prices vary depending on where you live, and you need to check on the website. The more competition there is in your area, the lower the price that Plusnet can offer. Sounds odd, we know, but where there's a competitor to BT in your area, Plusnet makes a great proposition.


Plusnet Button

More on Plusnet:

For more on Plusnet and to see if they're are available in your area, go to


Looking to the future with Plusnet

In late 2011, FrequencyCast was invited to take part in an event organised by Plusnet, an Industry Insight session.

The session was chaired by Matt Warman, the Consumer Technology Editor for the Daily Telegraph, and in attendance were Daniel Booth (Editor of Web User Magazine), Ken Lo (Technology blogger for, Bob Pullen (Plusnet Digital Care team), Ben Trimble (Plusnet Quality & Service team) and Barry Zubel, a Plusnet super-user.

In the session, topics such as broadband demand, speeds and performance, traffic spikes and internet trends. There's also discussion of what Plusnet does, and how they serve their customers. FrequencyCast interviewed some of the attendees after the session, and put together a session summary for FrequencyCast Show 70.

Below, you'll find links to our extended review, as well as a full recording from the session. If you're interested in the Internet, and the direction for the future, we hope you'll find these two items of interest.

Industry Insight Session: Our Review (24 minutes)

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Transcript available: Read our Internet Insight Session Review Transcript

Industry Insight Session: The Full Recording (1 hour, 16 minutes)

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Exclusive Plusnet Interview

FrequencyCast secured an exclusive interview with Richard Fletcher, the Chief Operating Officer of Plusnet in May 2011. In this interview, we discuss IPv6 and how it will affect the Internet's future, what challenges face ISPs in the coming years, and where the Internet will be heading over the next 5 years. We also look at Plusnet's unlimited overnight download offering.

We played an extract of the interview in Show 64 of our radio show, but you can download the full interview as an MP3 file here:

Interview: We talk to the boss of Plusnet, Richard Fletcher. (15 minutes)

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