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FrequencyCast UK - Show 64

The show notes to go with Show 64 of our online technology radio show.

Listen to, or download, FrequencyCast Show 64 (31 mins)

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Show 64: NEWS

This show's news section covered the following stories:

  • BBC HDBBC goes Full HD: The BBC has started broadcasting some content in Full HD - that's 1080p as opposed to 1080i. The changes were quietly introduced in April 2011, and the Beeb switch from 1080i to 1080p where the content suits the improved format. This switching appears to be causing some problems, notably with sound, on some Sony Bravia TV sets. Sony's set to release a patch to their TVs very soon.

  • Apple news - Apple looks set to enter the cloud computing market, with their new iCloud service. They're also set to announce Lion, an updated version of their Mac OS, and a new version of iOS. Expect more news following their Worldwide Developer Conference this month.

  • BBC Alba to join Freeview, the Gaelic language TV station launches in Scotland on the 8th of June. Some BBC radio services will be removed to make way for the station.

  • o2 Mobile Dongleo2 offers fastest broadband: Like to surf the mobile web? According to an Ofcom report, you'll get the fastest mobile downloads on the o2 network, with Orange being the worst performer. Average speeds for o2 mobile users was 1.5Mbps, although the tests were using dongles, not mobiles. More on this at: BBC Technology

  • Radio Listening hits all-time high: UK radio listening has hit an all-time high with 91.6% of the UK switching on their radios each week. The ratings, from RAJAR also show a decent rise in digital and mobile listening

  • South East England Switchover In switchover news, dates for Southern England's switchoff have been released, with the big one, London's Crystal Palace, set to lose analogue on the 18 April 2012. More details: Kent and Sussex Switchover Dates

  • Partridge Movie: Fans of Alan Partridge note that it looks like filming of Partridge: The Movie is set to start next year. It will be set in the UK, not the US as previously rumoured.

  • And finally: Every little helps. Tesco is about to start trials of a new service. In-store Sat Nav. The Android app will be trialed in the Romford store that allows shoppers to locate products by aisle and navigate to the product using the fastest route. If the trial is successful, In-store map apps and route planners could go nationwide.


FOCUS: The Future Of The Internet

In this show, Carl and Pete discuss what's in store for the Internet. Topics include content filters, TalkTalk's server-side security products, Microsoft's purchase of Skype, and IPv6.

The Online Filter Bubble:

Campaigner Eli Pariser talked passionately in a conference in February 2011, about the dangers of the filters used by the likes of Facebook and Google, and how our online searches may be becoming blinkered. We'd urge all Internet users to watch the following 9 minute talk:


Got a comment? Add your voice to our blog entry: The Danger Of Internet Bubbles


Transcript available: Transcript of Show 64's Internet Filter Bubble Discussion


Plusnet LogoExclusive Plusnet Interview:

For Show 64, FrequencyCast was able to secure an interview with Richard Fletcher, who's the Chief Operating Officer at broadband provider Plusnet

Pete spoke to Richard about the various challenges in rolling out IPv6, and how Plusnet's preparations are proceeding. We talk through the various issues affecting ISPs in the UK, and what we can expect to see in the next few years.

We'd like to extend our thanks to Richard and the team at Plusnet for giving us the option to chat about what the future has in store for us.

Plusnet Offer:

Plusnet ButtonGet 12 months of broadband half-price if you order before the 8th of June 2011 - Just £3.24 a month for speeds up to 20Mbps Go to


Due to time constraints in the show, we could only include a part of the interview. We've made the full interview, plus a transcript, available online.


Transcript available: Transcript of the full Plusnet interview: We Interview Plusnet


Cast 64: Interactive

Thanks to everyone who got in touch. In this show, we respond to the following mails and calls:

  • Old Tech RIP Michael Freeman says: "I was horrified the other day when clearing out I realised how much I have spent on portable technology over the years: Sony Cassette Players, all the Psions, Sony Mini Disc Players and Palm Pilots - mostly abandoned as there are no drivers for Windows 7". He's now using an Apple iTouch and wonders when this will be rendered useless because of compatibility issues. Well, anything's possible. At the moment a world without iPods looks unlikely, but Apple does tend to use proprietary formats and software, and some might be better off using common open-source formats. Michael also says: "When referring to the capacity of these gadgets, could we refer to it in time rather than number of songs?" Michael listens to a lot of speech on his Touch, such as podcasts. He uses Natural Reader to convert long documents or web pages into mp3 files, and Total Recorder to record spoken word items from the Internet

  • Don't forget Symbian: We had a text from Lee Appleby in Manchester. He says it'd be great if we could cover Symbian stuff. He's been a Symbian user since the Nokia N-Gage. Bleak days for Symbian, we fear. Nokia is now using Windows 7 Mobile for new devices, and Symbian may well vanish. Any thought? Let us know!

  • Shortwave and DRM Next, we took a podline call from Newcastle, asking for a recommendation for a shortwave radio, and asking what's new with DRM. Our Pete uses an Eton G8 as a portable shortwave receiver, and it's great. It's not direct input though. You could take a look at the Eton G6 (pictured here) or the Eton G3, which cover a decent selection of bands with keyboard input As for Digital Radio Mondiale, it's a form of digital radio suitable for the AM band. Apparently Ofcom is currently considering introducing this in the UK from as early as 2012, on the current medium wave band. We'll keep you informed.
    Eton G6 Shortwave radio

  • Tidy Cables, Feedback to our last show about the Stoways - Stuart Ward says there's a simple answer - use short cables. Stuart's collected a range of short cables that are much easier to carry around than the usual meter long things that come with most gadgets. What he has never been able to find, is short SCART cables. Why do you need a meter long cable to connect two boxes sitting on top of each other?

  • KarotzLoving the Karotz: Next, we heard from Michael Johnson. Remember the Nabaztag? The placements is Karotz , and Michael's got one. He says that It's quicker to respond compared to the old Nabaztag. It's slightly larger and heavy as well. The voice and sound quality is better. The local weather App is indeed a delight. There is only one pulsing LED on this rabbit (compared to five on the old one) which isn't really an improvement in my eyes. Only one light to keep you awake at night. It's still early days for Michael but so far it's a fun gadget to use.

    Fancy a Karotz? Bunnies and accessories available online from the Pixmania Karotz store

  • Solar Energy Meters: We're after your help again - We've had the same question from Howard and Andrew and it's about Energy Meters, those little displays for around the home that tell you how much electricity you're using. Howard says "I have recently installed solar power on my home. The system output can be viewed on the Sunnybeam display unit. I also have an energy meter (provided by NPower) which monitors the flow from/to my electricity meter.  The nPower meter cannot distinguish between flow direction to/from the grid and thus it is difficult to whether I am importing power from the grid or exporting to the grid. Is there an energy meter on the market which will assist me in identifying whether I am drawing energy or exporting it?"

    OK - We have no answer on this one. Any solar buffs out there able to help? Get in touch


Any questions for Carl and Pete? Call 020 8133 4567 and leave a message, send us an email, or ask in our listeners forum.


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