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First Look at the sWaP Nova Keyring Phone

An amazingly light mobile phone designed to be worn, or dangled on a wriststrap or keyring. We look a quick look at this impressive piece of engineering in Show 61:


sWaP Nova - Show 61 Transcript

sWaP NovaPete:

... This is the last thing to show you - stand by.

(audio extract plays)


That's the world's smallest phone!


Look at this - this is the sWaP Nova. It's a keyring mobile phone - how cool is that?


It's awesomely cool, but it's more than a phone, isn't it? I mean, that's got proper media stuff on it as well? A nice stylus on the side there, has FM radio, a media player?


And it's a full touchscreen, quadband mobile phone. Again, links and Nova review up on our show notes.


The sWaP Nova Keyring phone is available for under £200 in Black and Red from: , Find Me A Gift and I Want One Of

Full Review: sWaP Nova Full Review



That is good, and I'm currently looking at another sWaP device at the moment - did you know that?


Oh go on - what have you got?


I've got the sWaP watch for children.


Mmm - any good?

SWAP Rebel Range


I'm enjoying it so far. I'm still looking into it, but that has some added features over my watch, which I'm a little bit disgruntled about, obviously.


There you go - a few quick reviews, and again go to the show notes for the full details. That's all we have time for in Focus.



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