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Nintendo DSi Review

The FrequencyCast UK team gets hands-on with the Nintendo DSi handheld gaming console


What is the Nintendo DSi?

Released in April 2009. this handheld games console follows in the footsteps of the Nintendo DS, GBA and the Gameboy. It has two screens, there are loads of games available, and it's very portable.

The DSi offers features not found on previous models, notably improved connectivity and wi-fi support. You can surf the net, take photos, record audio and listen to music.

Nintendo DSi

For a full description of what the DSi can do, listen to our 20 minute audio review...

Listen NowNintendo DSi - Audio Review

You can download our 20 minute audio review of the Nintendo DSi as an MP3 file, or listen over the Internet, using our pop-up player.

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Nintendo DSi Features:

  • High-quality pocketable games console
  • Huge range of games
  • Two screens (one is a touchscreen)
  • wi-fi connectivity
  • Two cameras
  • Music and photos
  • Supports SD cards


Nintendo DSi UK specifications:

  • UK version model number TWL001(EUR)
  • Dimensions: 75 x 137 x 19
  • Weight: 214g
  • Wireless wi-fi: 802.11b/g
  • Charge time: 2.5 hours
  • Battery life: 3 - 14 hrs (depending on brightness)


Nintendo DSi UK availability

You can get the DSi from the following online retailers:

  • £149.99 from GAME (free delivery and free accessory pack)
  • £149.99 from (free delivery)


DSi Differences:

The Nintendo DSi replaces the Nintendo DS Lite. What are the key differences?

  • wi-fi connectivity (802.11b/g)
  • Two cameras
  • Support for SD cards (including SDHC)
  • Support for recording and playing back audio
  • Photo editing
  • No slot for GBA cartridges
  • Slightly smaller power connector

Nintendo DSi in hand

DSi Photos

  • The Nintendo DSi has two motion-detecting cameras
  • Onboard photo editing, manipulating and mucking around
  • Note that you can't import photos onto the DSi for viewing or editing
  • There's also a calendar that lets you add hand-written notes

Nintendo Camera app


  • Wireless chat with other DS, DS Lite and DSi consoles

DSi Sound

  • Record and play audio
  • Supports recording of AAC files only (m4a, mp4, 3gp) - MP3 NOT supported
  • With sound filters for having fun with sound
  • A free annoying budgie

DSi Shop

  • Download additional games to your Nintendo DSi. You can only buy in "Nintendo Points" - you'll need to buy points to buy games.

DS Download

  • Allowing multi-player gaming... download demos or go head-to-head with others wirelessly

Web browsing on a DSi

The DSi can use wi-fi to connect to the Internet. A free Opera web browser is available for download on the DSi via the DSi store.

Nintendo DSi browsing

If you're looking for help and advice on how to connect the Nintendo DSi to the Internet for web browsing, go to


Other stuff

  • DSi has Parental controls
  • You can update the DSi software over internet
  • The DSi has a Nintendo Wii-like interface
  • The DSi is supplied with a mains lead and two styli


Recommended Game:

Advance Wars Dark ConflictOur recommendation for the top game for the Nintendo DSi is "Advance Wars - Dark Conflict"

The fourth in the family of "Advance Wars" games, this is a war strategy game. It's turn-based, and before each turn you buy troops, tanks, aircraft and ships, and battle against computer opponents. You can also play with others by passing the console to a chum. Hugely additive and well worth trying.

Advance Wars Dark Conflict is available from GAME or

Walk With Me: We reviewed the Nintendo Walk with Me in show 41 - Read our transcript.


Nintendo DSi Questions

  • Q. I want to buy a game. How much does 2000 Nintendo DSi or Wii points cost?

    2000 points costs around £20. You can buy points online, or get a 2000 points card from HMV (free delivery!) or GAME

  • Q. I'm having trouble downloading content to my DSi

    Most likely you've not set your DSi to connect correctly. See the help on the FileSaveAs DSi Connection Help page


Got a question or comment about the Nintendo DSi? Contact us now


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