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SWAP Mobile Phone Watches Reviews

Mobile phone, media player and video camera on your wrist. Oh, and they tell the time. Our reviews of the range of sWaP watches


SWAP watch from DyalSWAP Watch Explored:

We first experienced a SWAP Watch when they first hit the UK towards the end of 2008. We've now been hands-on with the original sWaP Watch, a newer, sporty model, the sWaP Active, and their kids model, the sWaP Rebel.

To find out what the SWAP watches can do, take a listen to our fifteen minute audio review, which we link to in just a moment.

In summary, here's what the SWAP watches do:

  • Mobile Phone - Loudspeaker, wired or Bluetooth headset
  • Media Player - Video and audio playback
  • Recorder - Record video, take still JPEG images and record sound
  • Messaging - SMS and MMS
  • USB Storage - Supports Micro SD card

Listen NowsWaP Watch - Audio Review

Listen to our 15 minute audio review of the sWaP Watch and sWaP Watch Active. Download the MP3 file, or listen online using our pop-up player.

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The sWaP range of mobile phone watches are full tri-band, SIM-unlocked mobile phones that supports Bluetooth. They come loaded with handy apps, connect to a PC via USB, and have a megapixel still and video camera onboard.

SWAP Watch UK Availability:

Here are a few places that you can pick up a SWAP Watch:


Let's take a look at the key players in the sWaP range:

The SWAP Watch Classic

The first of the line. A great wearable mobile phone - complete with a loud loudspeaker and a video player. Check out our review, photos, screenshots and the spec: SWAP Watch Review

SWAP watch on wrist
The Original SWAP Watch


SWAP Watch Active

The updated "Sporty" version of the SWAP Classic. A good wear, and with the same powerful spec as the sWaP classic. Water resistant and a nice comfy wear. Pictures of the Active, plus screenshots and a detailed review here: SWAP Watch Active Review.

SWAP Watch Active
The SWAP Watch Active


sWaP Watch Rebel

In a range of colours, the sWaP Rebel is perfect for teens, and great for parent who want to give their kid wearable phone that'll be hard to lose! With this mobile phone watch, there's no excuse for your little ones to be without a phone. End the excuses, and take a look at our full sWaP Watch Rebel Review

SWAP Watch Rebel Image
The SWAP Watch Rebel


sWaP Nova Keyring Watch

A truly tiny mobile phone. Probably the lightest mobile there is. Wear it, or even use it as a keyring - an impressive bit of kit. This phone had recently won the World Record as the lightest touchscreen mobile phone. Impressive!

For its size, this small, but beautifully-formed mobile device has a lot to offer, including a media player, radio, e-Book reader (if you're eyesight is good),plus support for A2DP stereo Bluetooth audio. See our full sWaP Watch Rebel Review

sWaP Nova Keyring Phone
The SWAP Nova


More on the sWaP range?

We interviewed one of the directors at sWaP when we bumped into him at Gadget Show Live 2011 - Catch our Interview with sWaP Watches

Listen to FrequencyCast's Interview with Ty Jackson, from sWaP (7 minutes)

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Got a question on the SWAP range? Ask in our forum, or comment in our Blog entry


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