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Mobile Phones: The Listeners Speak

Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully, you're here after listening to Show 49. Let's see how interactive our FrequencyCast listeners really are...


In Show 49 of our podcast, we looked at the extras available for your mobile. For more on what was covered:


Listener Feedback:

We asked you to text us on 07882 043 521 to tell us what type of phone you have, and what mobile phone apps you recommend

Feedback so far:

Listener Name Type of phone owned Favourite Mobile Apps
Mark Taylor Nokia 5800 "You can use Google Maps with touch screen on my Nokia 5800"
Anon Skypephone "I use a Skypephone with the apps you mention. I also use jabplite to note my financial records and Opera Mini to keep while out and about
Anon iPhone "Google Earth and MSN. Would like app to control weather!"
Anon Nokia 5800 "I use the Nokia 5800 to have a browse of my local weather using Psiloc World Traveller and Weather Bug"
Anon N/a "Just started to learn guitar so using chord app on mobile. very useful"
Darren Ney Sony Ericsson W302 I use the MP3 player and track ID
Anon iPhone 3GS "Loving my iPhone 3GS with Skype and Facebook apps. Killer apps are Yak and Tweetdeck"
Alan Hart iPhone "Flixster, Tube Deluxe, London Bus, Shazam, ASBOrometer. Logitech touchmuse and similar for laptop viewing. And GeoDefense is a must-have"
Anon Nokia N900 "I use a Nokia N900 portable computer (it may sulk if I call it a phone). My favourite is MaemoMapper so I can view Openstreetmap"
Anon Nokia 6500 Classic No comments
Adam Child iPod Touch "I use the iPod Touch and love the scrabble app which is great"
Anon iPhone 3GS Facebook
Ed Sony Ericsson W960 Shazam, Latitude, SudokuX, Tube, Worldmare
Andy, Staines T-Mobile G1 Locale (brilliant for automation), Google Listen (Great for listening to FrequencyCast), HulloMail (free voice mail in my gmail). And the FrequencyCast App of course!
John, Bristol iPhone Most useful app: pocket informant - Sync with Google Calendar, sync with toodledoo task list. Other apps I use - Sky+, Flixster, aroundme, pocket universe, redlaser, vouchercloud, docs2go
Darryn Reid Nokia N97 Favourite apps have to be mobbler for streaming music. Joukispot light allows me to use phone data plan with laptop. The built-in podcasting app to pick up your brilliant show, and phone torch when I can't see the light. Have to say I'm amazed you didn't mention ovi maps which comes with full voice navigation , can be used in offline mode (so no data charges) and most importantly, is free!
Jerry HTC Hero Apps: Beeb player, Dolphin browser, Listen (podcasts), Google Maps, iheart radio, Skype, Twittv, London City Tube, Barcode scanner... all free
Malcolm, Glasgow HTV620 Use phone almost purely for data use. Web, email and the odd text. Very rarely use voice calls. Also use the camera and upload photos to Facebook. Don't run apps on HTC620 as memory is too small to handle. Runs web and e-mail well so that's the important bit
Michael Google G1 Apps on my G1: barcode scanner, break the blocks, hangman, co-pilot, frequencycast, gps test, my tracks, phonalyzr and weatherbug
John Hawthorn, Eastwood Motorola Startac The greatest app is that the battery gets hot. Ideal for long fishing trips
Michael Johnson, Braintree iPhone 3GS I love the following apps: Brightkite, Gowalla, Facebook, LinkedIn, Fluther, Trillian, What'sApp, RoboForm, Slingplayer, Sky+, Shazam, ICE, Distant Stars, VisualMap, Aardvark, Starbucks, toptable, Flixster, iFlight UK, JamCam, POI-lite, HA Traffic, Kayak, Fuel Prices, ATM Hunter, ASBOrometer, Ship Finder, Plurk, Wakoopa, Kindle, NightCamera and Spoilers
Anon Nokia 5800 Calendar
Anon iPhone 3GS Listening to the FrequencyCast podcast on the train at the moment. One of the apps I use is BC Reader on the iPhone. Take a picture of a business card and it scans and adds to contacts
Anon Nokia E71 Browsing: Opera Mini; Maps: Google Maps ; Messaging: Fring
S L V Aaron iPhone Trapster is very good for mapping and speed camera locations. Also Facebook, voiceband, tweet deck, and ebuddy is a firm favourite. Oh, and bump, ivideo camera and camera+, ustream viewer and broadcaster
Peter Sturgeon, UCA Radio iPhone I use Wonder Radio most of the time for the iPhone. The biggest problem when you're tuning around is that some radio stations stream really low. Come on broadcasters - get with it!
Simon, Yorkshire Nokia E71 Google Maps, Mail from Exchange, Skype



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