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FrequencyCast UK - Show 67

The show notes to go with Show 67 of our online technology radio show.

Listen to, or download, FrequencyCast Show 67 (31 mins)

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Show 67: NEWS

This show's news section covered the following stories:

  • Freeview LogoNew Freeview Channels: Vision, Connect and Stream have appeared on Freeview channel 110, 111 and 112. It looks like these will be services that offer paid access to services including foreign TV channels using the Internet connection found on Freeview HD boxes. No news on when Reach TV will go live with the service

  • Samsung Galaxy Problems: Samsung has been banned from selling the Galaxy S, Galaxy S II and Galaxy Ace in parts of Europe due to alleged infringements of patents owed by Apple. The Galaxy Tab has also been under the patent spotlight

  • eBook news: Amazon has launched Kindle Cloud Reader, a web-based version of the Kindle eBook. Although it works on most browsers, it's aimed squarely at iPad users, and lets customers get books from the Amazon Kindle store, bypassing Apple's 30 percent markup for in-app eBook purchases. Sneaky workaround chaps!

  • Google TV: It's just been announced that the Google TV service will launch in the UK in "early 2012". The service which will offer net-based TV hasn't been a hit in the US, but Google hopes that with the right partnerships, we could be ready for Google TV

  • Apple Management: All hail to Timothy D Cook? A name you're not familiar with? He's the new boss of Apple, now that Steve Jobs has officially resigned as CEO. More on Tim's new product, the iPhone 5, later in the show

  • Channel 4 On Demand: Expect an update to 4oD, Channel 4's On Demand service, plus a new iPhone and iPad app for channel 4 shows in the next couple of weeks

  • Cartoon Network HD: Sky viewers note that the Cartoon Network celebrates it's UK 18th birthday by is coming to Sky's HD service in September

  • Switchover News: Congratulations to Sheffield, Chesterfield, Leicester and Derby - the latest areas to complete the digital switchover

  • And Finally: Our website of the month is Radio Fail. A collection of recent bloopers heard on UK radio. Today's gem? A reporter from Capital FM had been sent to a local train station. She asked a commuter to comment on the fact that the station had been voted one of the worst in the UK. His reply? "Yeah, it's alright but it plays too many adverts" Full Audio of Interview


FOCUS: Geocaching Explored

We're grateful to Adam Child for suggesting the topic of this show - Geocaching.

This is a fast-growing craze that gets gadget-lovers out in the open looking for treasure, known as a Geocache, using GPS and smartphones to find locations and solve puzzles.

Geocahcing app compass
Groundspeak Geocaching App from iTunes
Garmin eTrex
Groundspeak Geocaching App from iTunes


This is a cracking craze. FrequencyCast is taking part by leaving some goodies out there in the wild. If you have a smartphone with GPS, you have all you need to get started, otherwise a car sat nav will do, or you can pick up a cheap device such as the Garmin eTrex

Garmin eTrex
The Garmin eTrex - Under £65 at Amazon

If you're one of our listeners, and have given Geocaching a try, please get in touch and let us know what you think of this pastime.


Bonus Material: Our full Geocaching Field Recording (15 mins)

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The FrequencyCast Geocache Travel Bug
The FrequencyCast Geocache Travel Bug. Can you find it?

For more on Geocaching, and links to the items discussed in today's show, see our Geocaching Explored page.


Transcript available: Transcript of Geocaching Explored (Transcript)



Discussed: Local TV for the UK

As early as 2013, the UK may start getting local TV stations. Jeremy Hunt, the Culture Secretary, is pushing ahead with plans for local TV, although many in the industry are not convinced that these are in fact viable.

For more information, and a list of towns in the running for a local TV station, see the official press release, or see our Local TV News Story, where you can have your say


Discussed: Community Radio

In the show, we looked at some recent community radio activities. If you're interested in looking at the various complaints about UK radio and TV stations (and it's fascinating reading!), take a look at the most recent Ofcom Broadcast Bulletin


Review: Onavo Data-Plan Saver

If you own a smartphone and have a capped mobile Internet data plan, this is the app you need. Available for the iPhone and Android, this keeps an eye on your mobile phone data usage, and for the iPhone, will compress data to make sure you get more downloads for your money. Also handy for cutting down your data roaming costs.

Onavo is available from the Android Market, and from iTunes. At the moment, it's free. (Onavo iPhone at iTunes)

Onavo on the iPhone

The Onavo App on an iPhone 4

Youtube clip: The boss of Onavo explains how it works and what it does


Cast 67: Interactive

Thanks to everyone who got in touch. In this show, we respond to the following mails and calls:

  • Mobile Data Petition: Thanks to Brian for suggesting this e-Petition on the Government website: Mobile phone data should be free to use, unhindered, in any way you wish. Gets our vote. Please sign it guys!!

  • iPhone 5: We heard from Jack Jacobs, asking about the release date for the iPhone 5. When the next phone from Apple arrives, we expect it will have an HD screen, and updated camera, wireless sync plus new software in the form of iOS 5. We understand that the original date of the 12th of September may have slipped, with an early-to-mid October date now being more likely. Keep an eye on our News Page for updates on the iPhone 5.

  • eTRV Radiator Controls: Next, Paul Eaves got in touch. He says " Enjoyed the last show, especially the bit about electronic radiator valves. I was on the verge of buying 7 for my house but then discovered that you can only buy 1 unit with 1 remote controller. I asked the manufacturer's sales people why I would want to pay for 6 "spare" remotes and they said that I should regard the remotes as a free bonus. I won't be buying any now. ". Sorry to hear that Paul.

  • Apple TVInternet TV boxes: Kevin Griffiths asks: "I've just upgraded my internet to fibre broadband and I want to know more about what internet tv options I've got. I'm not with BT for my broadband (I'm with PlusNet) so I assume BT Vision is out of the question. I've looked at LoveFilm and the various devices it recommends although I don't really want to buy a brand new telly. I was wondering what internet tv boxes are worth looking into, and what services (subscription or otherwise) I have access to." If its movies you're into, it might be worth taking a look at Apple TV, as we reviewed in Show 57.

  • Home Wi-fi printing: John asks: "I am interested in buying a Wi-Fi printer for home. However, there seems to be competing standards. Is there one that does it all? It would be good to print from iPhone and Android mobiles on the move as well as from PC's in the house and perhaps the PC at work over the Internet.". Well, what you need is a printer that supports 802.11g (at a minimum) and WPA encryption (for security). If you have an Apple device, you might want to look for an HP printer that supports Apple AirPrint. There's also a cunning app for iPhone users: Eurosmartz Print. (More on this app in Show 69).

The Eurosmartz iPhone app
Printing from the iPhone with the Eurosmartz Print app

  • Broken Mobile iPlayer: Steve King's been in touch. He asks: "Can any of you please shed light on why the BBC iPlayer recently stopped working on some mobile phones? Is this a permanent loss?". Pete thinks that Steve may be using a Samsung mobile phone, as there is the following message on the BBC iPlayer Support page: "We are currently investigating user reports that Samsung mobile users are experiencing difficulty with BBC iPlayer on their device". We guess Aunty Beeb is working on a fix for you!

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Any questions for Carl and Pete? Call 020 8133 4567 and leave a message, send us an email, or ask in our listeners forum.



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