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Gadget Show Live 2010 - FrequencyCast Podcast Review

From the 7th to the 11th of April 2010, Channel Five's Gadget Show Live event was held at the NEC in Birmingham.

As requested by our listeners, Carl and Pete went visiting, and here's our 30 minute review of the show, plus a look at some top products.

Listen to our Gadget Show FrequencyCast Special - April 2010 (30mins)

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Gadget Show Live 2010 Overview

Gadget Show Live started on 7th April in halls 9, 10, 11 and 12 at NEC Birmingham. We went on Thursday the 8th, and the show was very busy. Lots of stands, lot of exhibitors, lots to see, and a large (but not uncomfortable) crowd. Listen to our update for more on what went on at the show.

Gadget Show Live Entrance

The show is divided up into a number of sections, Game Zone, Test Track. Future Tech Zone, In Car Experience, Hi-Fi theatre, Future Home Theatre , Gadget Hall of Fame, How-to theatre and a photographic masterclass theatre.

There's a lot to see, and we spent most of our time not in theatres or trying to track down Suzi, Jason, John or Ortis for an autograph, but exploring the stands and talking to the exhibitors. In our show, we catch up on some of the products on offer, and hopefully give you a flavour of the show.


Digital Radio

We caught up with the team at Revo technologies, who have a great range of DAB radios. See their range at

Revo Domino
Revo Domino
Revo Domino
Revo Ikon
Revo Domino
Revo Heritage
Read Transcript: Revo Radios Review



We also looked at a tiny wi-fi radio from



PsiXpda Handheld Windows Machine

Carl is forever a fan of the Psion Series 5mx, but may just have found a replacement, the PsiXpda. We'll be adding more on this amazing Windows XP computer very soon. Here's a picture to whet your appetite!

PsiXpda with web browser

Read Transcript: psiXpda Review

Full details at


Digital TV

We took a look at two digital TV services:

  • Fetch TV - Offering on-demand content over the Internet from their Fetch Smartbox 8000. More information: Fetch TV

  • 3View - We caught up with Robert Blackwell, Commercial Director at 3view. They're racing to get the first Freeview HD PVR to market. They're hoping that this will become available by the end of May 2010 for under £300. We hope to be able to review this box in more detail in due course.


Playon! Media Streamers

A.C Ryan were demoing a range of boxes - our favourite is the Playon! Mini HD. A media streamer that offers playback of HD media via USB, supports wi-fi streaming, Internet Radio and playback of a bunch of media formats. Very impressive. For the technically-minded, here's a shot of the back of the box.

Playon Mini HD Rear View

Full details at

A.C Ryan Playon Models

Read Transcript: A.C Ryan Playon! Review



EnigmaTAG Protection

EnigmaTAG BottleA serious protection product. As we report in our audio special, this amazing solution uses unique micro-particles with a unique coded fingerprint. Dab this on to your gadgets and precious possessions, and in the even of theft, the police can identify your personal code and return the items to you. It's in use by the UK police, can't be seen by the naked eye, and is easy to apply.

In our show, Clive Smith, from EnigmaTag tells us more about how this product works, why you should have one, and why Carl thinks it looks like nail varnish.

Find out more about this impressive, and effective, way to protect your possessions at , or see our EnigmaTAG review.

Every listener to our show needs one, and we're pleased to say that, for a limited time, EnigmaTAG will give listeners to our show, a £5 discount from purchases of EnigmaTAG.

OFFER: To get £5 off, FrequencyCast listeners can use the following code at the checkout: EGSL15 - Order online at

Read Transcript: EnigmaTAG Protection Review



Data Storage

We bumped into Orca, who showed us their BioVault USB storage device with fingerprint recognition. An impressive way of keeping your data safe on the move using fingerprint recognition.

BioVault card from Orca

Read Transcript: Bio-vault Review

Power Solutions

It's never good when your portable gadget runs out of juice.

At the show, we found a number of suppliers offering power solutions - notably:

  • PowerTraveller: Makers of the Power Monkey featured in Show 49 and Show 50

  • Orca: Offering two impressive portable power supplies:


The PowerStrap. Wear it like a watch, and charge your gadgets. Impressive and ideal for outdoors types. More details at


Power Reserve. About the size of a biscuit, this ultra-compact power device can be stashed away and used when needed to power your MP3 player, mobile phone or games console. Supplied with loads of tips for things like iPhone, Nokias, DS Lite, Sony PSP, LG and Samsung phones and anything powered by Micro USB. Get one from

Power Reserve

Read Transcript: Power Backups from Orca Review


X-Mini Speakers

Our final work on the Gadget Show goes to X-mini... makers of the fine, tiny, audio speakers we reviewed in Show 50. Here they are being demo'ed Aren't they cute?

X-Mini Spreakers being modelled


Listen to our Gadget Show FrequencyCast Special - April 2010 (30mins)

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