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Dabs Product Offering

Dabs Live Gadget Show 2010 - Podcast Review

On the 13th of March 2010, online retailer held their first, and free, gadget show in London. Catch our online review of the first Dabs Gadget Show. Live Gadget Live Show?

There's nothing better than a free chance to look at today's latest bit of kit, and online tech retailer stepped up to put on their first major UK gadget shows.

Two shows were set to take place in March 2010 - one in London, and one in Manchester.

Carl and Pete, from your favourite tech podcast, popped along to the first of the two, the London event, which was held in The Great Hall in the prestigious Wembley Stadium.

Take a listen to our audio review of the first gadget slow, plus our interviews with some of the exhibitors:

Listen to our FrequencyCast Special from Live 2010

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The show was loosely split into four sections: Gaming Zone, IT Zone, Gadget Zone and Football Zone. Gail Porter was in attendance in the Gaming Zone commentating on various challenge matches. Show - The Great Hall, Wembley
The Gaming Zone - The centrepiece of the Gadget Show, London

Guarding the entrance was Primo - the most-sarcastic metal chap pictured below. Nice servos, sir.

Primo The Robot

For us, it wasn't about the football, gaming challenges or even the lovely Gail Porter - it was all about the gadgets - and we set off exploring. Here's what caught our eye...

Creative Zen X-Fi2

Who needs an iPod when the media players from Creative are cheaper and have more features? Carl spoke to Nick Loftus about their new player, and why it has more to offer than some mp3 players on the market.

Creative Zen X-Fi2

Read Transcript: Creative X-Fi 2 Review

Prices start from around £90 for the 8GB model. You can get an X-Fi 2 player from , and


Buffalo LinkStation Live

Keeping it safe is vital We covered backing up your data in Show 47, and at the Dabs show, we got talking to Warren Marriott about the Buffalo LinkStation Live standalone backup box.

Buffalo LinkStation Live

Read Transcript: Buffalo LinkStation Live

Looking for a Buffalo LinkStation? Go to and check out the range of backup devices on offer.


Sonos S5 Audio Systems

We found a bunch of small white boxes from Sonos making rather a lot of noise, and spoke to Keith Tomalin to find out about the ways to get over 8 million tracks streaming around your home

Sonos S5

Read Transcript: Sonos S5 Overview

The S5, featured in our review, plus other devices and controllers from Sonos, can be found online at and


MinoHD Flip video recorder

We had a look at the Flip family of video recorders - camcorders that are about the size of a mobile, and record video (some in HD). There's a flick-out USB plug, and the video editing software is pre-loaded onto the device itself - so no USB leads and software installation disks to lose! Pete found out more from Flip's Chisti.

Flip Mino HD

Read Transcript: Flip Mino HD Review


Pick up a Flip MinoHD handheld camcorder with a nice big red record button from , or



Navigon 84 Series

Sat Navs with a difference. You'll not want to look at another TomTom after seeing the amazing 3D images on this new Navigon sat nav. Carl spoke to Peter at Navigon for the full story, and also got the low-down on how sat navs get travel news 'live'.

Navigon 84 Series


Read Transcript: Navigon 8410 Sat Nav Overview

There are a range of Navigon devices. We were playing with the Navigon 8410, which comes with Europe maps and 3D cities. It's available from and


La Cinema Mini HD

Pete practised his Francais by talking to Camille from French firm Lacie. Amongst the products on display was their mini-HD streaming box. "La Cinema Mini HD"

Lacie La Cinema Mini HD

Read Transcript: La Cinema HD Mini Overview


More details on the La Cinema solution at, or you can buy one online from and


iGo Green and iGo ChargeAnywhere

We got the power! Replacements for laptop power supplies that are "vampire power killers", plus a portable charging solution that may just beat our old friend the Power Monkey. Carl and Pete spoke to Ben to find our more about iGo's range.

iGo GReen Power Supply
iGo Emergency Charger POWERXTENDER
iGo Emergency Charger POWERXTENDER


Read Transcript: iGo Portable Power Products

Both products, plus the charging tips, are available from and


Duracell in-car power adapter

We spoke to at distributor PSA Parts Ltd about the latest Duracell in-car charger.

Duracell In-Car Adapter

Read Transcript: Duracell in-car 12V adapter overview


We couldn't find an online supplier for the Duracell car adapter - perhaps it's too new. We did find a very similar model at Maplins, the Micro DC USB Adapter


Oki Printers

Printers are not normally something we cover on FrequencyCast, but we had to stop and chat to their team to find out about LED printers, and HD printing. Or maybe there was another reason? Carl spoke to Claire, seen here modelling the latest LED A3 printer:

Clair from Oki Printing Solutions

Read Transcript: Oki Printing Solutions Overview


Various models of Oki printers are, as you'd expect, available from


Listen to our FrequencyCast Special from Live 2010

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