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Gadget Show Live Xmas 2012 London Report

Pete and Kelly visited the opening day of the first Gadget Show Live in London, their Christmas special at the Excel Centre. Catch our report in Show 82. Here are a few of the sights and sounds captured by the FrequencyCast team.

Gadget Show Live London 2012

Gadget Show Live Xmas 2012 Special Report:

From the 30th November to the 2nd of December 2012, the Gadget Show Live expo hit London for a Christmas Special, and we were there. Catch our 21 minute feature in Show 82:

Listen to FrequencyCast Show 82 - We're at Gadget Show Live London 2012

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Here's a collection of photos, plus a summary of the products featured in our special:

Entrance to Gadget Slow Live at London Excel
The main entrance to GSL Xmas at London's Excel

Jason Bradbury and John Bentley
Snapped - Jason Bradbury and Jon Bentley at the opening day


VIDEO MONTAGE - Kelly and Pete at Gadget Show Live!!

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Nintendo Wii U

The first day of Gadget Show Live was also the launch day of Nintendo's new Wii U console, with a "novel" touchscreen controller, and support for HD. Pete gave it a try, as you'll hear in our feature.

Nintendo Wii U stand
Wii U stand just before launch!

Wii U Controller
The all-net Wii U controller, launched at Gadget Show Live



We first met the brain control experts at Neurosky at Gadget Show Live 2010, Kelly tried on a set of mind-controlled rabbit ears!

Kelly and the Neurosky ears
Kelly, using the power of thought to make her ears wiggle


Echostar HDT610R

We spoke to Mark from Echostar about the new EchoStar HDT 610R Ultra Slim Freeview+ HD Digital TV Recorder. An impressive recorder that's now available from

EchoStar HDT 610R Slim Freeview HD Recorder
EchoStar HDT 610R Ultra Slim Freeview+ HD Digital TV Recorder


Snowing Xmas Tree

Thanks to Glen for showing us the Snow system indoor snow effect tree kit. More details at Here's the pic that made the team giggle so much:

Snowing Xmas Tree


Velosolex and Solowheel

Catch Pete riding the Velosolex pedelec bike designed by Pininfarina, and Kelly trying to get to grips with the Solowheel. She's also wearing a bicygnals helmet! Thanks to Guy from Leftfield Bikes for the help and support!

Kelly and the Solowheel
Kelly, getting to grips with a Solowheel


Screen Kleen

Great to see our good friends from Screen Kleen, makers of our favourite screen and gadget cleaning kit... and it's now available in the Argos Catalogue.

The guys from Screen Kleen
The guys from Screen Kleen, showing how to remove baby oil from an LCD TV set


Designer Mirror TV

Thanks to Sunny from for showing off the great range of mirrors that turn into TV sets with touch-screens:

Mirror TV sets
Designer Mirror TV sets, showing our website on their mirror



Without doubt, the most interesting gadget we've looked at in a long while, the impressive 360 degree BubbleScope from Bubblepix. We now have one, and will be featuring a longer interview with Tom Lawton, the inventor of this magic iPhone camera attachment.

Pete and Tom Lawton from Bibblepix
Pete with Tom Lawton, creator of the Bubblepix Bubblescope

Bubblepix of GSL 2012
Our first Bubblepix image - It looks a lot more impressive on the Bubblepix app!

Maplin TabletWant to get a Bubblescope?

Get one from Amazon today: The Bubblepix BubbleScope, from Amazon



Gadget Show Studio Set

As with the show in Birmingham, there's a mock-up of the Gadget Show studio. We couldn't resist having a play!

Kelly and Pete in the studio
Kelly and Pete, playing in the Gadget Show TV studio



We spoke to Kevin from Movband UK about the wearable fitness tracker that's simple, and much cheaper than the Fitbit and Nike Fuelband - Details of the new Movband at

Kelly modelling the Movband
Kelly, wearing the MOVband... in purple of course

Kelly modelling the Movband
Close-up of the purple MOVband wearable pedometer and interchangeable strap


Fridja Vertical Ironing

Hate ironing? Ben explains the vertical steam iron product that makes ironing a breeze, and works with dry-clean only clothes - Details at

Fridja Iron
Pete, showing off his vertical ironing skills with a Fridja


Aves DAB Radios

Thanks to Lizzy at for showing off the impressive range of new DAB+ radios. We hope to be taking a closer look at this range soon. They're available now from

Digital Radios from Aves
DAB Digital Radio range from Aves Digital


CD Slot Mount

We found the 9.95 winner of the British Invention of the Year award - a device to hold your phone or sat-nav by plugging into your car's CD slot. Here's one, holding our Olympus voice recorder. Available from

CD Slot Mounts
CDSlotMount, holding our voice recorder safely. Cool, and under £10


Cat Genie

The gadget that Kelly was most looking forward to trying was the Cat Genie - a pricey, but clever loo for your pussycat. Find out more at

Cat Genie
Kelly, taking a look at this high-tech self-cleaning cat loo


Logicom Robots

We looked at the Logicom Spy-C tank iPad-controlled tank, plus the Whee Me massage robot, which can be found here:

Logicom Spy-C TankLogicom WheeMe


More Pics:

Kelly, Mario and Pete
Kelly, Mario and Pete for the launch of the Nintendo Wii U

I Love New York Headphones
The girls, loving their I Love New York Headphones

Fitbit at Gadget Show Live 2012
The Fitbit Wireless Trackers on display at Gadget Show Live Xmas 2012

Gadget Show Live 2012 Xmas



Listen to FrequencyCast Show 82 - We're at Gadget Show Live London 2012

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